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Another victim of film budget cuts.

The Monster, played by Strong Sad, is a creature (called an octosaurus by Dangeresque), that stalks the Malvies Catacombs. Originally intended to look like a dinosaur with tentacles and laser eyes, he kidnapped an unnamed woman in a case that drove Dadgeresque mad. (more...)

"Looking for information?"

The Informant, played by Strong Sad, is a mysterious character with an unrecognizable accent. He has three brothers throughout the world. The brothers' names are: Stinky the Peeve (in Venice), Cecil VanGough (in Ireland), and the "Moving Man" (in Cairo), along with one brother that isn't named (in Paris). Perducci disguises himself and pretends to be a fifth brother named Stoolie Ratweasel (in Tokyo). (more...)

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