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"What perfect teams, huh, guys?"

Kick-A-Ball is a Big Toon released on Tuesday, March 17, 2009, where The Even Stevens (led by Homestar Runner) take on Little Stevie and the Evens (led by Strong Bad) in a game of kickball. This toon marks the first appearance of The Umpire since the original book version of Where My Hat Is At?. The action starts with a team selection between Homestar and Strong Bad over the rest of the main cast. Homestar wins the coin toss and is intent on selecting Pom Pom. Only he does so repeatedly, leaving the pair to comprise their entire team. Nevertheless, a heated contest between the two teams begins and the score remains close. Which team will be victorious? Will Strong Bad cheat his way to victory? Stay tuned to find out! watch (more...)

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