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The Even Stevens vs. Little Stevie and the Evens.

There are various sports teams scattered around the Homestar Runner universe.

Image Description Appearances
The Jolly Dumple The Crazy Go Nuts University Dumples is the titular university's Golf Club team. The only apparent member of the team is The Cheat. Their mascot is The Jolly Dumple, played by Homestar Runner. According to Strong Bad, he, The Cheat, and Strong Mad were really "hungry and tired and sorta confused" when they decided the name, and thinks they might have meant dumplings. mascot
"Go for the 8-track!" Pile of Electronics State is one of the Golf Club teams that Crazy Go Nuts University played against. The team consists of a television (later seen in Halloween Potion-ma-jig), Mrs. Bennedetto (Marzipan's microwave), a Panasonic RQ-830S 8-Track player (also referred to as "The Plunger" or "TNT" style), and a Nintendo Entertainment System. They lost to CGNU 1-0 after The Cheat smashed them all up with a golf club. mascot
Homestar's Knees Tech is a team that Strong Bad mentions that the CGNU Dumples will play against in mascot. He says it will be "a tough game" against them. Its pennant is later seen in the bar in a CGNU online university commercial. mascot, theme song (as a pennant)
"Come on Growlbacks, we're not dead!"
See main article: Fighting Growlbacks
The Fightin' Coach Z's The Fightin' Coach Z's is a team apparently run by Coach Z himself. It's unclear what sport it plays, or who exactly is on this team. Its logo (a stylized drawing of an angry Coach Z) has been seen painted on the Gymnasium wall and on the ground in the the Athletic Field. Sketchbook (24 May 2007), One Two, One Two, Coach Z's 110%, hremail 3184
"Wish I had a time-and-space-transcending piece of paper on my team."
See main article: Team Kneepads
"Nothing can stop the Wild Vacationers!"
See Wrestling Character Variations#Wild Vacationers
"You betta not mess with the Foreign Object Brothers!"
See Wrestling Character Variations#Foreign Object Bros.
"Rax and Arby: The Sanctum of Spiky Shoulder Pads."
See Wrestling Character Variations#The Sanctum of Spiky Shoulder Pads
"I'm done take me off the air!"
See Wrestling Character Variations#Facepaint Connection
The Even Stevens are a kickball (or "kick-a-ball") team, lead by Homestar Runner, that played against Little Stevie and the Evens. Due to Homestar's inability to pick teams correctly, the team only consisted of Homestar Runner, Pom Pom, and, due to a surprise twist at the end, Strong Sad, in contrast to the other team's eight players. The Even Stevens won the game, 127 to 125. Kick-A-Ball
Little Stevie and the Evens is Strong Bad's kick-a-ball team. It has every main character except Pom Pom, Homestar Runner, Homsar, and, due to a twist at the end, Strong Sad. They played against Homestar's team, The Even Stevens, and lost 127-125 due to Strong Sad playing for the other team. Kick-A-Ball

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