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"Totally legit-looking stuff!"

Bubs has been known to engage in all forms of shady, crooked, and sometimes downright illegal business practices, from simple overpricing to trading in stolen organs. A small set of examples of Bubs's questionable practices include: overpricing for stuff such as broken computers, trying to fix a VCR with a broken clock by duct taping an alarm clock to it, selling DNA evidence in a snow cone, claiming that doughnuts can clean teeth (and even having them made in a country called "Homemáde" so that they can be classified as homemade), selling sandwiches that he has taken a bite out of, reading all of Strong Bad's private emails, and running a black market that sells unlicensed Strong Bad merchandise, pirated DVDs, and other illegal goods. He even openly admits to being shady but that hasn't stopped him or slowed him down. (more...)

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