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"Come to... the place where the tropical breezes blow...!"

In flag day, the 32nd Strong Bad Email, released on June 17, 2002 (three days after Flag Day), Pablo from Phoenix wishes Strong Bad a happy Flag Day and asks him to share Strong Badia's flag. Strong Bad then goes to Strong Badia, where after hoisting Strong Badia's flag, he sings the Strong Badia National Anthem. During the anthem, a montage plays, consisting of Strong Badia, Strong Bad, a coin of Strong Bad, The Cheat playing the beat to the song on his keyboard, a coin of The Cheat, the Stop Sign, Cold Ones, Strong Mad who is getting a tattoo of Strong Badia's coat of arms from Strong Bad, the tire, and emphasis on the fact that the tire is Strong Badia's sole "population". This emphasis - "Population: Tire" - later became the title of a game. This is also the first Strong Bad email to be over two minutes in length (not counting 1 step ahead, whose alternate endings were added later). watch (more...)

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