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The Virus strikes again!

Main Page 22 is a Main Page that appears to have been infected by the virus from the Strong Bad Email virus, which was also the cause of the demise of the Compy 386. The most obvious effects are the irregular rollover buttons and Homestar Runner having his Old-Timey counterpart's torso. Roll over the buttons for more bizarre effects, such as the Museum button falling down and crushing part of the Navbar; the No Loafing sign turning into code and a screen from Peasant's Quest appearing; Homestar speaking in a distorted voice while the shotgunned Compy 386 turns into the Tandy 400, the Tangerine Dreams, the Pom Pilot, and the Lappy 486; Homestar having his A Jumping Jack Contest head while several pop-ups appear accompanied by a robotic voice saying "Fhqwhgads"; Homestar having his head fly off; and an irregular-looking Strong Bad having a Duck Guardian One duck explode on his mouth. view (more...)

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