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Malloween Commercial

[edit] A Grave Design Indeed

On top of Mr. Shmallow's grave is a common pumpkin cutting design.

From: Malloween Commercial
Posted on: 02:58, 22 January 2007 (UTC)

Arguments for:

Arguments against:

  • A finicky nit-pick of mine, I know, but I honestly cannot remember anyone having a Jack-o'-lantern with a design such as the one in the cartoon. So, would it be appropriate to say that the design on Mr. Shmallow's gravestone is a common pumpkin carving design? When I think of a common Jack-o'-lantern design, it's something more like what's featured in the photo located here.
  • Even if it was a common pumpkin cutting design, it would not be notable in a Halloween toon.

Additional comments:

The design in question.

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