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I can't believe I remembered my password. I love and miss you, childhood.

Hello, you! Obviously, I am The Yellow Dart. Not to be confused with Kyle Smith or Milli Vanilli. Yep. What's my name? Austin... and I'm dating your daughter. What are my interests? Homestar Runner. Duh. What's the name of this site again?? Thought so.

Anyway, I found out about Homestar through a friend on January 16, 2006. He was checking the site one day when I was over at his house, and I was introduced to the email death metal. After that I thought this was the best thing since sliced milk so I became a fan.

And here I am.

Go crazy.



[edit] My Contributions

[edit] A Few of Many of My Tips To BEAT TEH SYSTEM!!1!

  • Order a cheeseburger at a fast-food restaurant. When you receive it, tell the person there that you ordered it “lettuce only” (or any condiment combination of your choice). They will make you a whole new sandwich. But before they take away your old burger tell them something like “If you are just going to throw it away, I’ll just take it.” and you’ll get it back. After they finish cooking your new one… you will walk away with two sandwiches for the price of one.
  • Find a restaurant that has self-serve fountain soda. A lot of fast food joints do this. Go up and order a “water”. They will hand you a paper cup. Now, instead of filling it up with water, just get soda. It always works.
  • Tell the ticket guy that you “left your wallet in theater 3”. He’ll let you go get it real quick. ;-)
  • It is actually not that hard to steal from a garage sale.
  • You know, you could always take two free samples.
  • The excuse “my parents died” is actually quite affective in tight situations.
  • Fill up a 44oz and say it is a 32oz.
  • It is okay to throw fireworks at your enemy’s dog during the night. He will never know it was you. Seriously!
  • There’s always your mom’s purse.
  • Just burying the body is not enough. Try incinerating it. In a woods. THEN you bury it.
  • Order a pizza and have it delivered. Okay, now go find a blunt object. When the pizza guy walks to your door, jump out and bash him in the head with your blunt object. Do not kill him, (Yeah, that would just be wrong, dude) but be sure he is unconscious. Now, drag him into his car and drive into the country and leave him and the car there. When he wakes up 20 minutes later, he won’t remember a thing. However, you just walked away with a free pizza
  • Complain to the manager. No matter where you are at—restaurant, gas station, supermarket—you will always get something cool for free in the end.
  • Line at the fair too long? Yell out how there are free funnel cakes by the ferris wheel!
  • Simply just steal out of people’s gardens.
  • It is not stealing if they never use it.
  • Carry around a pair of nun chucks. Put them in your pocket. Make sure that they are partially exposed though. Nobody wants to fight somebody who owns a pair of nun chucks, man.

[edit] IRC Quotes

  • I've been actually doing this for awhile as well. More to come... and stuff...
<OptimisticFool> Did you miss the "d" key, yellow? 
<DeFender1031> Theyellowfart, either that's gross, or you typoed 
<Theyellowfart> ...problem, guys? 
* OptimisticFool stifles laughter.. "Um.. no." 
<Theyellowfart> What's the matter? 
<Brooksie> tee hee 
<NachoMan> tee hee 
<Theyellowfart> ...whhhhhat? 
<theyellowdart> have you ever been to HONG KONG? 
<Heim> Yup. 
<theyellowdart> is HONG KONG an awesome place? 
<Heim> I love that place. 
<theyellowdart> what is the best thing about HONG KONG? 
<Heim> It's the most awesomest ever. 
<theyellowdart> how awesome is HONG KONG? 
<Heim> It is made of awesome. 
<theyellowdart> did you live in HONG KONG? 
<Heim> No. 
<Heim> It is also not written in all caps. 
<theyellowdart> would you make out with HONG KONG? 
<Heim> If Hong Kong is female, maybe. 
<NachoMan> i sent a letter to china. i don't speak chinese so i typed it in all caps 
<NachoMan> </dilbert> 
<theyellowdart> xD 
<Theyellowdart> o hai SysRq868. 
<Theyellowdart> remember that gay project "Fugleman"? 
<SysRq868> hai tyd my de-aar. 
<Theyellowdart> remember when we cancelled that gay project? 
<SysRq868> Yeah. 
<SysRq868> twas totally gay 
<Theyellowdart> gay. 
<SysRq868> Like you. 
<Theyellowdart> Like you and me. 
<Theyellowdart> <3 
<SysRq868> <3 
<NachoMan> it made me think of brooksie <3 
<Brooksie> awww :3 
<Brooksie> in my movie there was a makeout scene 
<Brooksie> and 
<Brooksie> i 
<Brooksie> thought 
<Brooksie> of 
<Brooksie> ... 
<Brooksie> ... 
<Brooksie> ... 
<NachoMan> :o 
<Theyellowdart> umps umps umps 
<D-Fender1031> <b>LIED</b> 
<D-Fender1031> '''LIED''' 
<D-Fender1031> *LIED* 
<D-Fender1031> hahaha 
<Bluebry> Can I have my forum name changed to Bluebry? 
<Theyellowdart> NO! 
<Theyellowdart> SIT DOWN! 
<Bluebry> lolk 
<Theyellowdart> SMB, when do you turn 14? 
<Theyellowdart> cause I hated being 13. 
<SuperMartyoBro> Umm, February of next year, why? 
<SuperMartyoBro> That's a weird question. 
<Theyellowdart> well, what do you expect. 
<Theyellowdart> I live in a van down by the river. 
<SuperMartyoBro> Which river? The Mississippi? The Ohio? 
<Theyellowdart> the one closest to your house. 
<SuperMartyoBro> Ahh, so the Foss River, then. 
<Theyellowdart> yeah 
<Theyellowdart> I can see you right now. 
<Theyellowdart> zip up your pants, son. 
<Phlip> my bike now has an awesome new feature 
<Phlip> you know how, when you pedal backwards on a bike, the pedals spin freely, without driving the wheel? 
<Phlip> well, my pedals now do that in both directions! 
<Phlip> how useful! 
<Theyellowdart> xD 
<NintenEthan> You need an escape pod. 
<DeFender1031> that's not an awesome feature... 
<NintenEthan> I have 11 GEERS!!!!!!!!!! 
*** Soxred93 has quit (Connection timed out) 
*** Soxred93 has joined #hrwiki 
*** Soxred93 has quit (Excess Flood) 
*** Soxred93 has joined #hrwiki 
*** Soxred93 has quit (Excess Flood) 
*** Soxred93 has joined #hrwiki 
<Bluebry> So do you have like, an IRC revolving door you're running through? 
<DorianGray>  Type with hands, not buttocks.
<DorianGray> =3
<Theyellowdart>  Where do you live, Eric
<_20eric06_>  br'zil
<Theyellowdart>  ooh
<Theyellowdart>  nice
<Theyellowdart>  is that place cool?
<SammiSeldowitz>  BRAZIL
<SammiSeldowitz>  BRAZIL
<SammiSeldowitz>  BRAZIL
<Theyellowdart>  is it?
<SammiSeldowitz>  BRAZIL
<SammiSeldowitz>  BRAZIL
<SammiSeldowitz>  BRAZIL
<Theyellowdart>  I don't think you are Eric, dear.
<SammiSeldowitz>  fine
<_20eric06_>  Theyellowdart: No, it's hot.
<DorianGray>  Not seeing a toon the day of its release? For shame!
Theyellowdart has a life.
<SuperMartyoBro>  xD
<DorianGray>  Lives are unnecessary, and only get in the way
<Theyellowdart>  ...said the tard.
<DorianGray>  ...said The yellowdart.
<Theyellowdart>  ouch
<DorianGray>  Indeed.
<Theyellowdart>  You got me.  Great job, DorianGray.
Theyellowdart shakes Dorian's hand.
<Theyellowdart>  You are a great asset to this company.
<DorianGray>  Drop the "et". =3
<Theyellowdart>  So... are you doing anything later?  Wanna come over to my place?
<Theyellowdart>  I can't my girlfriend might find out.
<Theyellowdart>  Screw her.
<Theyellowdart>  Uh, okay.
Theyellowdart walks out of room.
Ch`mera bursts out laughing.

[edit] List O' Cool Users

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