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"She killed my dog."

Residents of the Homestar Runner universe occasionally talk about killing or harming dogs. There has been no proof of actual violence, just threats and allegations of characters imposing it.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email for kidsStrong Bad's temper gets the better of him on his hypothetical children's show, in which the audience cannot figure out the answer to his game. This causes him to threaten to kill all of the audience's dogs — as well as the audience themselves.
  • Email dreamail — There is a gold chain around the Lappy 486's screen that reads, "MY LAPPY ATE YOUR DOG".
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 11 — An astronaut says the Shirt Folding Store Manager has killed his dog.
  • Email rated — Strong Bad says that in Transylvania you have to eat puppies for breakfast, which The King of Town finds appetizing. Coach Z exclaims that he thinks he just saw a puppy get eaten.
  • Mr. Poofers Must Die — The entire Halloween toon focuses on the cast trying (and failing) to have Old Man Rootbeer kill Mr. Poofers within Homestar Runner's ghost story.

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