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Sup, people's! My name is Sam the Man I love the Homestar Runner website and Strong Bad is my favorite character. I was formally the owner of The Strong Bad Allegiance (SBA), but retired for some reasons {darts eyes back and forth}. Anyways, I found this site while looking for Strong Bad and have been contributing to it ever since. I strong suggest you visit the Fanstuff Wiki.
Yikes, it's been 3 years since I last visited this sight. I am now 16 years old and am a pretty busy guy now, juggling the high school drama, sports and workload. Just thought I would drop by and give a final "adu", or whatever you say to express a goodbye in French (my grammar has not really changed as you can see). Unfortunately, I really am too busy to stick around here and make contributions here, and I do not think I need too as I noticed Homestar Runner is practically dead. If you guys want to stay in touch, shoot me and email at, or if you live in Massachusetts visit the areas around Lawrence (do not go into Lawrence, however) and you will probably run into me. I will also probably check back once or twice when I got nothing better to do to see how this is going. Too all the friends I made here during my tenure here, thank you. You helped me through some tough times when I was having problems in my life, and all I can really say is thank you. I am sorry I left suddenly and never came back, but you meant a lot to me. You all know who you are, so thanks. Anyways, glad to revisit the site, and good luck to anyone who is sticking with the Wiki. Long live Homestar Runner!

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So there's myself. Yes, this userpage is ripped off from Joshua a bit, but, still it's my page! See more information at my Basic Information Page At The Fanstuff Wiki.
This is Sam the Man, saying Goodbye!
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