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Yeah, I was really bored in Biology class. It started off as Strong Bad's diamond, then spawned into this. I had to wait until after school to color it, ink it, and find out how to draw Strong Sad's beefy arms (Yes, this was all done by hand, not in Photoshop :P).

Hey there, ho there! I'm the Doc! The Dr. Clash, I'd guess you'd call me. Or plain old Doc is fine, seein' as I'm the only one around, so, probably no one else would answer to that. You say "Hey Doc!", and I'd say "Yeah?" or..."That's me!" or..."Hoo-hah!" Any one of those.

Yeah, it's me. I go by Th' Duck on the forums, not that I post much, anyway. I'm pretty much your average H-star-R fan. It started when my friend recommended some site with some no-armed whitey mispronouncing words. I put off going there for a bit, but then, I gave in. First I saw First Time Here?, then, I went to the SBEmails, out of boredom, and saw the newest, stupid stuff. I can't say I was hooked instantly, but somewhere between then and when flashback came out was when I got hooked. Still, to this day, the whole email numbah 98 sounds really familiar to me, like I've heard it somewhere. Odd. Anyway, nowadays, I check the Wiki (which I found while looking for a good H*R forum) daily. Now, the friend who recommended it to me has to be told by me to go see what's new. Oddaggin.


[edit] Flavourites

  • Favorite Big Toon - Cool Things - This cracks me up every time. Bubs's troubles with the stand and Homestar's cluelessness gets me every time.
  • Favorite Short - Drive-Thru - Completely random, involves whales, and space lobsters, still funny the tenth time.
  • Favorite Puppet Stuff - Biz Cas Fri 3 - It's the catonfirefallingfromanairplane.exe tht makes the toon for me.
  • Favorite Holiday Toon - Senorial Day - The whole concept, plus more StrongBadidolizingSenorCardgage glory.
  • Favorite Tandy Era Sbemail - sisters - The accidental Deleted and the accidental save are classic. Best line ever: "You're not Ali. You're not even literate."
  • Favorite Compy Era Sbemail - the bet - Even more KOT trying to becool goodness. Plus, even more Homestar cluelessness.
  • Favorite Lappy Era Sbemail - narrator - Awesome, just awesome. Fun to see how everyone ('cept Strong Sad) completely disregards Strong Bad's presence.

[edit] Contributions

[edit] Quote of the Week (or so)


Date Quote Source
April 14, 2007 The USB Dongle Goblin: "I'm gonna give you a big HUB!!" Teen Girl Squad Issue 12 Easter egg
April 22, 2007 Cheerleader: "I'm Kissyboots and she plays bass." Teen Girl Squad Issue 8
April 28, 2007 Strong Bad: "It'll take more than karate pants to keep me from toilet-papering the temple of the gods!" redesign
May 6, 2007 The King of Town: "The coast is toast!" the bet
May 26, 2007 Strong Bad: "Come on, The Cheat! Go for sixies! Sixies!" more armies
June 2, 2007 Strong Mad: "I ATE MY BATTLESHIP!" narrator
June 10, 2007 Doreauxgard: "Gonna have to bust your kneecaps if ya don't pay up!" lackey
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