Painting of a Guy with a Big Knife

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"I coulda done all kinds of stuff. Like paint a picture. Of a guy. With a big knife."

The Painting of a Guy with a Big Knife is a Rambo-esque pseudocharacter, painted by Strong Bad in the Strong Bad Email i love you. Apparently it takes the same time to paint him as it takes to say Fhqwhgads's full name. In the email, Strong Bad says he could "probably sell this at like the arts and crafts fair, you know... to maybe some POWs, or like somebody's dad..." Strong Bad has yet to sell the painting.

The painting later "betrays" Strong Bad and joins the Homestarmy to invade Strong Badia in The Battle of Strong Badia. It is considered one of the seven elemental spirits of ancient Strong Badia with a constellation in the sky, but was defeated by the fish wearing a 'fro wig and British distance runner spirits. In Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, Perducci was hiding the ruby powered rocket's launch codes under the painting.

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