Strong Badia's Seven Elemental Spirits

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The seven elemental spirits

In the Strong Bad Email myths & legends, Strong Bad revealed the Seven Elemental Spirits of Strong Badia, seen as constellations in the starry night sky. Many of these are important elements in Strong Badian history.


[edit] The Spirits

[edit] Snake

Not much is known about the snake, except that it became part of the Strong Badia national flag.

[edit] A Guy Holding A Big Knife

A guy holding a big knife is frequently mentioned in the Homestar Runner universe, mainly with its appearance with Strong Badia. It became the Painting of a Guy with a Big Knife.

[edit] Chinese takeout box

The box of Chinese food has made several appearances important to Strong Badia, including being mistaken for a ghost, and becoming a mascot for Strong Bad's Mount RidesPlace! USA. It became General Tso's Chicken.

[edit] A piece of wood with some nails in it

A piece of wood with some nails in it became what now holds up the Strong Badia national flag, shown in the Strong Bad Email flag day.

[edit] A hand giving the "OK" symbol

Yet to make an appearance in Strong Badia, although the Videlectrix guy gives the "OK" symbol after being run over at the beginning of Awexome Cross.

[edit] A fish wearing a 'fro wig and a British distance runner

The pair is very well known after its transformation into the Bear Holding a Shark, which allegedly occurred because of years of poor storytelling and "the Telephone Game". They had combined forces to battle the other elemental spirits in paintball, or maybe Red Rover. They came out victorious. The British distance runner resembles Roger Bannister, the first man who ran the mile in under four minutes.

[edit] Appearances

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