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Sbemailcheck (Strong Bad Email check function) is a utility to help determine whether all the steps on the update checklist have been performed for a particular email. It has progressively stringent levels of checks it carries out based on when an email was released, with the most stringent checks being made on the newest email. The function is built around the {{sbenav-lookup}} template, so for the special page to work correctly the template must be up to date.

Using the page is straighforward: Enter the name or the number of a Strong Bad Email into the field and press the Check button (enter 0 as a shortcut to the latest email). The system will then parse nearly two dozen wiki pages and return results based on what it finds:

  • If the system can find a link to the email on a particular page, then it returns the context of that page (or, in the case of redirects, it reports that they exist).
  • If the system cannot find a link to the email, but the particular page should not necessarily contain a link to the email, then it returns a yellow caution.
  • If the system cannot find a link to the email, and the particular page should always contain a link to the email, then it returns a red warning.

If the function reveals omissions for a given email, follow the link to the page(s) with the problem and fill in the gaps. There's also a handy watch link in case you need to see the email itself and navigation buttons to move to the previous or next email.

[edit] Checking rando.xml

As part of the checks the page performs, it can compare rando.xml on to our local stored version. Because this is an external file, checking it is not enabled by default. It only needs to be checked once per session, in particular right after a new email is released. Note: Occasionally the external server will only return part of the XML file, and so the function will report an error. This is normal and should be ignored. (You can verify that the external server is the problem by loading the XML source in your browser (it will be incomplete) or by clicking on the Random Toon button on one of the main pages (it won't load correctly).)

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