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This page contains the sources of various XML files found in homestarrunner.com. This page is part of the collection of site components.


[edit] Weeklies XML File

This file specifies some things about the Weeklies that appear at the top of the main pages. For the Quote of the Week, the quote itself and which character's picture is displayed is defined in this file. The captions are defined for the Fanstuff and Sketchbook, but the actual images used are specified elsewhere.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<sketchbook>Marzi as Anton Chigurh!</sketchbook>
<fanstuff>celebrating 5 YEARS of the homestar doorknocka</fanstuff>
<qod character="marzipan" filename="marzi_friendo.mp3">Call it, friendo!</qod>

<!-- Chapos: here are the character shortcuts 

     Love, jonathan ("nickname")

[edit] External links

[edit] Random Toon XML File

This lists toons on the site, from which one is selected at random when a user clicks the R button along the top of the main page, the rando link in the bottom navigation bar, or go rando! in the Strong Bad Email menu (only the emails are used in this instance). The file specifies the caption shown in the random pop-up, and the actual file to load.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<!-- teen girl squad tgs-->
<tgs n="Teen Girl Squad #1" u="tgs1.html"/>
<tgs n="Teen Girl Squad #2" u="tgs2.html"/>
<tgs n="Teen Girl Squad #3" u="tgs3.html"/>
<tgs n="Teen Girl Squad #4" u="tgs4.html"/>
<tgs n="Teen Girl Squad #5" u="tgs5.html"/>
<tgs n="Teen Girl Squad #7" u="tgs7.html"/>
<tgs n="Teen Girl Squad #8" u="tgs8.html"/>
<tgs n="Teen Girl Squad #9" u="tgs9.html"/>
<tgs n="Teen Girl Squad #10" u="tgs10.html"/>
<tgs n="Teen Girl Squad #11" u="tgs11.html"/>
<tgs n="Teen Girl Squad #12" u="tgs12.html"/>
<tgs n="Teen Girl Squad #13" u="tgs13.html"/>
<tgs n="Teen Girl Squad #14" u="tgs14.html"/>
<tgs n="Teen Girl Squad #15" u="tgs15.html"/>
<!-- answering machines am-->
<am n="Answering Machine 1" u="answer1.html"/>
<am n="Answering Machine 2" u="answer2.html"/>
<am n="Answering Machine 3" u="answer3.html"/>
<am n="Answering Machine 4" u="answer4.html"/>
<am n="Answering Machine 5" u="answer5.html"/>
<am n="Answering Machine 6" u="answer6.html"/>
<am n="Answering Machine 7" u="answer7.html"/>
<am n="Answering Machine 8" u="answer8.html"/>
<am n="Answering Machine 9" u="answer9.html"/>
<am n="Answering Machine 10" u="answer10.html"/>
<am n="Answering Machine 11" u="answer11.html"/>
<am n="Answering Machine 12" u="answer12.html"/>
<am n="Answering Machine 13" u="answer13.html"/>
<am n="Answering Machine 14" u="answer14.html"/>
<am n="Answering Machine 15" u="answer15.html"/>
<am n="Answering Machine 16" u="answer16.html"/>
<!-- shorts sh-->
<sh n="Characters from Yonder Website" u="yonderwebsite.html"/>
<sh n="Homestar Squintmojis" u="squintmoji.html"/>
<sh n="Strong Bad Classics" u="porridgemaiden.html"/>
<sh n="Flash is Dead" u="flashisdead.html"/>
<sh n="Puppet Homestar Toon" u="puppetmation.html"/>
<sh n="On Break" u="onbreak.html"/>
<sh n="Where My Hat is At" u="wheremyhat.html"/>
<sh n="Loading Screens" u="loadingscreens.html"/>
<sh n="79 Seconds Left" u="79secondsleft.html"/>
<sh n="Pistols for Pandas" u="pistols4pandas.html"/>
<sh n="Where U Goin' 2?" u="whereugoin2.html"/>
<sh n="Donut Unto Others" u="doughnutstand.html"/>
<sh n="4 Gregs" u="4gregs.html"/>
<sh n="Best Caper Ever!" u="bestcaper.html"/>
<sh n="Coach Z's 110%!" u="cz110.html"/>
<sh n="Place Ya Bets!" u="sbemail199andahalf.html"/>
<sh n="The Next Epi-Snowed" u="ccdo6.html"/>
<sh n="The Baloneyman" u="baloneyman.html"/>
<sh n="Somber Vacation" u="somber.html"/>
<sh n="Play Date" u="playdate.html"/>
<sh n="Stuck in his Craw" u="stuckincraw.html"/>
<sh n="Rotten Eggs" u="rotteneggs.html"/>
<sh n="Limozeen Live" u="limolive.html"/>
<sh n="Blubb-O's Commercial" u="blubbos.html"/>
<sh n="Limozeen Vs. Sloshy" u="limozloshy.html"/>
<sh n="Quality Time" u="qualitytime.html"/>
<sh n="Ever and More!" u="helmets.html"/>
<sh n="One Two, One Two" u="onetwo.html"/>
<sh n="Sbemail 169 Lost Scene" u="2manyknives.html"/>
<sh n="An Important Rap Song" u="2manyknives.html"/>
<sh n="Drive-Thru" u="drivethru.html"/>
<sh n="KOTVOQPCS" u="kotpopshow.html"/>
<sh n="No Hands on Deck" u="deck.html"/>
<sh n="Summer Short Shorts" u="shortshorts.html"/>
<sh n="Sbemail 150?!?" u="149pernt5.html"/>
<sh n="500 The Cheats" u="500cheats.html"/>
<sh n="Sick Day" u="sickday.html"/>
<sh n="The Li'l Brudder Show" u="lilbrudder.html"/>
<sh n="Peasant's Quest Trailer" u="filmstyle.html"/>
<sh n="Peasant's Quest Preview" u="pqtrailer.html"/>
<sh n="Experimental Film" u="expfilm.html"/>
<sh n="Senor Mortgage" u="senormortgage.html"/>
<sh n="Cheat Commandos...O's" u="cheatcereal.html"/>
<sh n="The Cheatar" u="cheatar.html"/>
<sh n="Cheat Commandos" u="cheatcommando.html"/>
<sh n="Mr. Shmallow" u="mrshmallow.html"/>
<sh n="Ballad of the Sneak" u="sneakvideo.html"/>
<sh n="Lookin at a Thing in a Bag" u="whatsinthebag.html"/>
<sh n="Arcade Game" u="arcadegame.html"/>
<sh n="20X6 vs. 1936" u="20x6vs1936.html"/>
<sh n="The System is Down" u="systemisdown.html"/>
<sh n="Meet Marshie" u="marshie.html"/>
<sh n="The Interview" u="interview.html"/>
<sh n="Fluffy Puff Commercial" u="fluffypuff2.html"/>
<sh n="Theme Song Video" u="video.html"/>
<sh n="Kick The Can" u="old.html"/>
<sh n="Strong Bad Sings" u="sbsings.html"/>
<!-- big toons t-->
<t n="HR Goes4Gold" u="goes4gold.html"/>
<t n="2 Pt Episode Pt 2" u="ccdo7b.html"/>
<t n="2 Pt Episode Pt 1" u="ccdo7.html"/>
<t n="Career Day" u="careerday.html"/>
<t n="DNA Evidence" u="DNA.html"/>
<t n="Date Nite" u="10years.html"/>
<t n="Strongest Man in the World" u="10years.html"/>
<t n="Weclome Back" u="weclomeback.html"/>
<t n="A Folky Tale" u="dumpingtontoon.html"/>
<t n="Cool Things" u="coolthings.html"/>
<t n="Bug in Mouth Disease" u="buginmouth.html"/>
<t n="Shopping for Danger" u="commandos3.html"/>
<t n="Strong Bad is in Jail" u="jailcartoon.html"/>
<t n="Parsnips A-Plenty" u="parsnips.html"/>
<t n="Where's The Cheat?" u="whereis.html"/>
<t n="The Luau" u="luau2.html"/>
<t n="A Jorb Well Done" u="cantsayjob.html"/>
<t n="The Reddest Radish" u="radish.html"/>
<t n="In Search of the Yello Dello" u="yellodellomenu.html"/>
<t n="The King of Town" u="kingmenu.html"/>
<!--holiday ho-->
<ho n="Fan Costumes '18" u="fanstumes18.html"/>
<ho n="Mr. Poofers Must Die" u="ween18.html"/>
<ho n="The Next April Fool's Thing" u="fools18.html"/>
<ho n="D'ween D'esque" u="dween17.html"/>
<ho n="Fan Costumes '17" u="fanstumes17.html"/>
<ho n="Haunted Photo Booth" u="ween17.html"/>
<ho n="Fan Costumes '16" u="fanstumes16.html"/>
<ho n="Halloween Cartoon 2016" u="ween16.html"/>
<ho n="The House That Gave Sucky Tricks" u="ween15.html"/>
<ho n="Record Store Day" u="recordstoreday.html"/>
<ho n="I Killed Pom Pom" u="ween14.html"/>
<ho n="Halloween Safety" u="weensafety.html"/>
<ho n="April Fool 2014" u="aprilfools2014.html"/>
<ho n="Decemberween Costumes" u="xmas10_costumes.html"/>
<ho n="Decemberween Mackerel" u="xmas10.html"/>
<ho n="Tales of the Macabre" u="ween09.html"/>
<ho n="Decomposing Pumpkins" u="brainkriegween.html"/>
<ho n="Death Defying D'ween" u="xmas08.html"/>
<ho n="Hooked on D'ween" u="xmas08_album.html"/>
<ho n="20 THANXty 6" u="stinkoturkey.html"/>
<ho n="Fan Costumes '08" u="costumes08.html"/>
<ho n="Most in the Graveyard" u="ween08.html"/>
<ho n="Costume Commercial" u="costumecommercial.html"/>
<ho n="Big Outing" u="bigouting.html"/>
<ho n="Sloshybowl" u="sloshybowl.html"/>
<ho n="Trogday 2008" u="trogday08.html"/>
<ho n="Happy Dethemberween" u="dethemberween.html"/>
<ho n="Toikey TV" u="thanks07.html"/>
<ho n="Fan Costumes '07" u="costumes2007.html"/>
<ho n="Jibblies 2" u="ween07.html"/>
<ho n="D'ween Short Shorts" u="dweenshorts.html"/>
<ho n="Let Us Give Tanks" u="ccdo5.html"/>
<ho n="Fan Costumes '06" u="costumes06.html"/>
<ho n="Happy Hallowday" u="hallowday.html"/>
<ho n="Happy Trogday" u="trogday.html"/>
<ho n="Fall Float Parade" u="floatparade.html"/>
<ho n="More Fan Costumes" u="costumes05.html"/>
<ho n="Halloween Potion-ma-jig" u="ween05.html"/>
<ho n="Happy Fireworks" u="fireworks.html"/>
<ho n="Senorial Day" u="senorialday.html"/>
<ho n="HomestarRunner.com: PAY+" u="payplus.html"/>
<ho n="H*R Presents: Presents" u="xmas04.html"/>
<ho n="Snowglobe" u="xmas04_pq.html"/>
<ho n="Halloween Fairstival" u="ween04.html"/>
<ho n="That A Ghost" u="oldtimeyween.html"/>
<ho n="That Time of Year" u="dween_kidsbook.html"/>
<ho n="Sweet Cuppin Cakes Dween" u="dween_cakes.html"/>
<ho n="Teen Girl Squad Dween" u="dween_tgs.html"/>
<ho n="Seasonal Sweaters" u="seasonalsweaters.html"/>
<ho n="Under Construction" u="underconstruction.html"/>
<ho n="3 Times Halloween Funjob" u="ween03.html"/>
<ho n="Fan Costume Commentary" u="costumes.html"/>
<ho n="Malloween Commercial" u="malloween.html"/>
<ho n="Superbowl Dealie" u="superbowl.html"/>
<ho n="A Decemberween Pageant" u="xmas2002.html"/>
<ho n="Pumpkin Carve-nival" u="halloween2002.html"/>
<ho n="The Best Decemberween Ever" u="xmas2001.html"/>
<ho n="Some Stupid Turkey" u="turkey.html"/>
<ho n="House ... Sucky Treats" u="halloween2001.html"/>
<ho n="A Mother's Day Message" u="mother.html"/>
<ho n="A Holiday Greeting" u="xmas.html"/>
<ho n="Homestarloween Party" u="homestarloween.html"/>
<!--puppet stuff p-->
<p n="Decemberween Puppet Squad" u="dween17.html"/>
<p n="Biz Cas Fri 3" u="bizcasfri3.html" s="bizcasfri3.swf"/>
<p n="Biz Cas Fri 2" u="bizcasfri2.html" s="bizcasfri2.swf"/>
<p n="Biz Cas Fri 1" u="bizcasfri1.html" s="bizcasfri1.swf"/>
<p n="Strong Bad vs. Little Girl!" u="sbvslilgirl.html" s="sbvslilgirl.swf"/>
<p n="Homestar vs. Little Girl 2" u="puppetween.html" s="puppetween.swf"/>
<p n="Labor Dabor" u="laborday.html" s="laborday.swf"/>
<p n="Mission Control" u="puppetjam4.html" s="puppetjam4.swf"/>
<p n="Vitamins/Celebrities" u="puppetjam3.html" s="puppetjam3.swf"/>
<p n="Tropical Lazor Beams" u="puppetjam2.html" s="puppetjam2.swf"/>
<p n="Bad Jokes" u="puppetjam1.html" s="puppetjam1.swf"/>
<p n="Puppet Time" u="puppettime.html" s="puppettime.swf"/>
<p n="Everybody Knows It" u="puppets.html" s="puppets.swf"/>
<p n="Homestar vs. Little Girl" u="dween_puppet2.html" s="dween_puppet2.swf"/>
<p n="Decemberween Puppet Style" u="dween_puppet1.html" s="dween_puppet1.swf"/>
<!--- cheat stuff teh-->
<teh n="Fish Eye Lens" u="fisheyelens.html"/>
<teh n="Crystal Fortress" u="crystal.html"/>
<teh n="Trudgemank" u="trudgemank.html"/>
<teh n="Rap Song" u="rapsong.html"/>
<teh n="New Boots" u="newboots.html"/>
<teh n="Crazy Cartoon" u="crazycartoon.html"/>
<teh n="Everybody to the Limit" u="fhqwhgads.html"/>
<teh n="The Cheat Theme Song" u="cheatvideo.html"/>
<!-- sbemail sb-->
<sb n="some kinda robot"/>
<sb n="homsar"/>
<sb n="butt IQ"/>
<sb n="homestar hair"/>
<sb n="making out"/>
<sb n="depressio"/>
<sb n="halloweener"/>
<sb n="brianrietta"/>
<sb n="i love you"/>
<sb n="trevor the vampire"/>
<sb n="i rule"/>
<sb n="credit card"/>
<sb n="i she be"/>
<sb n="duck pond"/>
<sb n="the basics"/>
<sb n="band names"/>
<sb n="studying"/>
<sb n="stand-up"/>
<sb n="tape-leg"/>
<sb n="spring cleaning"/>
<sb n="cartoon"/>
<sb n="sb_email 22"/>
<sb n="little animal"/>
<sb n="the bird"/>
<sb n="super powers"/>
<sb n="CGNU"/>
<sb n="3 Wishes"/>
<sb n="1 step ahead"/>
<sb n="superhero name"/>
<sb n="12:00"/>
<sb n="sugarbob"/>
<sb n="flag day"/>
<sb n="gimmicks"/>
<sb n="weird dream"/>
<sb n="sisters"/>
<sb n="guitar"/>
<sb n="dullard"/>
<sb n="helium"/>
<sb n="property of ones"/>
<sb n="vacation"/>
<sb n="invisibility"/>
<sb n="action figure"/>
<sb n="little questions"/>
<sb n="lures & jigs"/>
<sb n="techno"/>
<sb n="your friends"/>
<sb n="new hands"/>
<sb n="ghosts"/>
<sb n="theme party"/>
<sb n="50 emails"/>
<sb n="website"/>
<sb n="island"/>
<sb n="comic"/>
<sb n="morning routine"/>
<sb n="cheat talk"/>
<sb n="current status"/>
<sb n="japanese cartoon"/>
<sb n="dragon"/>
<sb n="marzipan"/>
<sb n="huttah!"/>
<sb n="monster truck"/>
<sb n="interview"/>
<sb n="fingers"/>
<sb n="english paper"/>
<sb n="unused emails"/>
<sb n="the show"/>
<sb n="autobiography"/>
<sb n="caper"/>
<sb n="personal favorites"/>
<sb n="big white face"/>
<sb n="2 emails"/>
<sb n="crazy cartoon"/>
<sb n="mascot"/>
<sb n="privileges"/>
<sb n="funny"/>
<sb n="sibbie"/>
<sb n="suntan"/>
<sb n="anything"/>
<sb n="the process"/>
<sb n="stunt double"/>
<sb n="date"/>
<sb n="impression"/>
<sb n="labor day"/>
<sb n="kids' book"/>
<sb n="2 years"/>
<sb n="no loafing"/>
<sb n="mile"/>
<sb n="couch patch"/>
<sb n="local news"/>
<sb n="colonization"/>
<sb n="caffeine"/>
<sb n="kind of cool"/>
<sb n="army"/>
<sb n="video games"/>
<sb n="the bet"/>
<sb n="lackey"/>
<sb n="monument"/>
<sb n="stupid stuff"/>
<sb n="different town"/>
<sb n="flashback" u="sbemailahundred.html"/>
<sb n="car"/>
<sb n="lunch special"/>
<sb n="haircut"/>
<sb n="theme park"/>
<sb n="replacement"/>
<sb n="dangeresque 3"/>
<sb n="cheatday"/>
<sb n="pom pom"/>
<sb n="crying"/>
<sb n="for kids"/>
<sb n="other days"/>
<sb n="old comics"/>
<sb n="pizzaz"/>
<sb n="the facts"/>
<sb n="time capsule"/>
<sb n="extra plug"/>
<sb n="montage"/>
<sb n="virus"/>
<sb n="animal"/>
<sb n="radio"/>
<sb n="part-time job"/>
<sb n="dreamail"/>
<sb n="origins"/>
<sb n="secret recipes"/>
<sb n="rock opera"/>
<sb n="best thing"/>
<sb n="long pants"/>
<sb n="rampage"/>
<sb n="garage sale"/>
<sb n="do over"/>
<sb n="boring (really)"/>
<sb n="modeling"/>
<sb n="bottom 10"/>
<sb n="record book"/>
<sb n="lady...ing"/>
<sb n="geddup noise"/>
<sb n="bedtime story"/>
<sb n="space program"/>
<sb n="portrait"/>
<sb n="highschool"/>
<sb n="death metal"/>
<sb n="secret identity"/>
<sb n="technology"/>
<sb n="narrator" />
<sb n="myths & legends"/>
<sb n="pop-up"/>
<sb n="lady fan"/>
<sb n="disconnected"/>
<sb n="candy product"/>
<sb n="alternate universe"/>
<sb n="senior prom" u="kotpoptoon.html"/>
<sb n="isp"/>
<sb n="redesign"/>
<sb n="keep cool"/>
<sb n="theme song"/>
<sb n="road trip"/>
<sb n="trading cards"/>
<sb n="cliffhangers"/>
<sb n="retirement"/>
<sb n="coloring"/>
<sb n="4 branches"/>
<sb n="the chair"/>
<sb n="what I want"/>
<sb n="looking old"/>
<sb n="strong badathlon"/>
<sb n="unnatural"/>
<sb n="the movies"/>
<sb n="your funeral"/>
<sb n="from work"/>
<sb n="rough copy"/>
<sb n="underlings"/>
<sb n="more armies"/>
<sb n="the paper"/>
<sb n="mini-golf"/>
<sb n="concert"/>
<sb n="hygiene"/>
<sb n="original"/>
<sb n="bike thief"/>
<sb n="pizza joint"/>
<sb n="slumber party"/>
<sb n="web comics"/>
<sb n="business trip"/>
<sb n="yes, wrestling"/>
<sb n="diorama"/>
<sb n="nightlife"/>
<sb n="environment"/>
<sb n="winter pool"/>
<sb n="fan club"/>
<sb n="pet show"/>
<sb n="licensed"/>
<sb n="buried"/>
<sb n="shapeshifter"/>
<sb n="rated"/>
<sb n="specially marked"/>
<sb n="love poems"/>
<sb n="hiding" />
<sb n="your edge"/>
<sb n="magic trick"/>
<sb n="being mean"/>
<sb n="email thunder" u="sbemailtwohundred.html"/>
<sb n="hremail3184" u="hremail3184.html"/>
<sb n="imaginary"/>
<sb n="independent"/>
<sb n="dictionary"/>
<sb n="videography"/>
<sb n="sbemail206"/>
<sb n="too cool" new="yup"/>

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[edit] Podstar Runner XML File

This file would update subscribers with the newest "Podstar Runner" podcast. It was manually updated with each new episode.
<rss xmlns:itunes="http://www.itunes.com/dtds/podcast-1.0.dtd" version="2.0">
<title>Strong Bad Email</title>
<copyright>℗ & © 2006 homestarrunner.com</copyright>
<itunes:author>HomestarRunner.com: Video</itunes:author>
<itunes:summary>Strong Bad answers real emails from real morons!</itunes:summary>
<description>Strong Bad answers real emails from real morons!</description>
<itunes:image href="http://podstar.homestarrunner.com/hrpodcast_pic.jpg"/>
<itunes:category text="Comedy"/>
<title>Email Thunder</title>
<itunes:author>Strong Bad</itunes:author>
<itunes:subtitle>Strong Bad Email</itunes:subtitle>
Strong Bad finds out Homestar has his own email show and is trying to steal his email thunder.
<enclosure url="http://podstar.homestarrunner.com/sbemail200.m4v" type="audio/x-m4v"/>
<pubDate>Thurs, 18 December 2008 12:00:00 GMT</pubDate>
Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, homestarrunner.com, sbemail

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