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In the Strong Bad Email high school, Strong Bad's highly unphotographic memory recalled back to when he and the gang were "plucky parameciums" living in Free Petry Dish, USA. The characters took on the aspect of microscopic organisms, though none of them appear to be paramecia.

Image Description Appearances
"These are for my twin brother!" Homestarmecium

Homestarmecium appears as to be a bacterium or other prokaryote (possibly a ciliate), because he is drawn without a nucleus and replicates via binary fission. He is the same general shape as Homestar, but without legs. He is a throbbing blue blob with bubbles and colored shapes floating inside of him, two of which make up his eyes. He has short strands of hair on his head. He is plagued by an embarassing rear-end problem for which Bubsamecium provides a soothing cream. He can instantly replicate himself to scare off an invading Strongbadiophage. He can also produce multiple feet or pseudopodia from his body.

high school, @StrongBadActual
"Six tubes of rear-end cream coming right up!" Bubsamecium

Bubsamecium is the proprietor of Bub5amecium's Protozoa Stand and appears to be shaped like the typical perception of an amoeba, with Bubs's eyes and toothy mouth floating within the shifting blue mass.

high school
"Whatcha buying there, Homestarmecium?" Strongbadiophage

Strongbadiophage is a malevolent virus. His head is more polygonal than his regular counterpart, and he has a long, yellow, almost spiky neck, with a short cylindrical blue base from which six gray, spindly, spider-like legs emerge. He appears to be the main antagonist of Homestarmecium, though he is frightened at the idea of more than one of him. He is modeled after the Enterobacteria phage T4. Ironically, his name means "one that eats Strong Bad" or "one that eats Strong Badia".

high school, @StrongBadActual

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