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The Intellivision is a video game console, released in 1979 alongside its competitor the Atari 2600. The Brothers Chaps have discussed owning an Intellivision and, although more popular consoles from Nintendo or Atari make up the bulk of video game references in the Homestar Runner body of work, they occasionally give nods to lesser-known consoles such as the Intellivision.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email stupid stuff — When asked to say something intelligent, Homestar responds "Yeah, yeah, Intellivision."
  • Duck Guardian One — The sound effects for ducks jumping and dying are taken from the game Frog Bog, and the sound effect for a duck being rescued is taken from the game Snafu, both for the Intellivision.
  • 50K Racewalker — The cheering sound when you cross a line comes from several games for the Intellivision game system.
  • QWERTY — The promotional statement for the game is similar to the advertisements for many of the educational games released for the Intellivision (and rival ColecoVision) game systems.

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