Rotten Egglünd

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Rotten Egglünd.

Rotten Egglünd is the result of the short cartoon "Sick Day". Strong Bad dubs Strong Mad's room as this, in response to the terrible smells therein. The locations on the map are:

  • Northwest — the buttwood — A forest of trees with birds flying out of them.
  • North — festering hills — A bunch of hills.
  • Northeast — east stinkberger — A wheel of smelly cheese with a slice taken out.
  • West — pungent acres — Some mushrooms.
  • East — rotten egg manor — A castle with a cracked, smelly egg on it.
  • Southwest — eggmünd — A pile of rotten eggs.
  • South — this part smells — More hills.
  • Southeast — whatsitshire — A large pile of whatsit.
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