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I'll take it! I'll take eleven!

The soapbox is a small wooden shipping box that Homestar Runner has used as a podium in several toons. Its contents increase by one with most appearances. To get "on a soapbox" is a popular American idiom that means to make a flamboyant or persuasive speech in an unofficial setting.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email fingers — Homestar talks while standing on a box labeled "Eleven Soaps". In an Easter egg, one can see that an unconscious (or possibly dead) Strong Sad is crammed inside the box.
  • Email army — Homestar recites his "fight speech" for the Homestarmy from atop a box labeled "Twelve of Them".
  • Email record book — Homestar tells bad redneck jokes standing on a box labeled "Thirteen, Y'all".
  • Email 4 branches — Homestar does math problems and explains Coulomb's law on a box labeled "Fourteen Times".
  • Decemberween Short Shorts — While Homestar is singing to Coach Z, Coach Z sits on the soapbox, but it isn't labeled.
  • Email business trip — Strong Sad gives a business lecture on the soapbox, now labeled "Fifteen Types".
  • Everything Else, Volume 3 — Homestar jumps over the soapbox on the Toons menu of the DVD; the soapbox is unlabeled in this appearance.
  • Email hidingAnimatronic Strong Bad stands on the soapbox labeled "Sixteen For You".
  • Email magic trick — Strong Bad performs magic while standing on the soapbox, which is labelled "Seventeen For Free".
  • SBCG4AP Tutorial — The soapbox appears behind Bubs' Concession Stand, with the label "Sixteenzies".

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