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It said a-like "Ptoo."

Several times in the Homestar Runner universe, especially in Strong Bad Emails, some of the characters, especially Strong Bad, have either spat or made references to spitting.

[edit] Appearances

  • Strong Mad's Character Video — Strong Mad frequently spits while making his character video.
  • Email time capsule — While Strong Bad plans his time capsule, he decides to spit in it, in case the people of the future discover how to use it to clone people.
  • Homestar Presents: PresentsHomestar Runner mistakes Homsar's red pail as a "complimentary spit bucket", and makes use of it.
  • Email trading cards — Coach Z has a card that reads "Horrendous Spitter".
  • Lappynapped! — The characters calling Strong Bad initially don't sound like themselves because they have spit bubbles stuck in their throats.
  • Videlectrix website: July 10, 2006 — The programmers at Videlectrix express their desire to spit on those who believe that Kid Speedy would never be released in this entry.
  • Email hygiene — Gene's (actually Strong Bad's) saliva is sold in South America as a wonder drug called "El Gene's Spit".
  • Email slumber party — Strong Bad mentions having enough Skittles and cream soda to make your spit hurt. A graphic is shown of a kid sticking out his tongue, which is rainbow-colored, and a rainbow-colored drop of spit falls from it.
  • Email hremail 3184 — As Strong Bad describes an explosion he saw once to Coach Z, he spits all over him, so much that Coach Z takes a short shower in it. Strong Sad's spit is not enough for Coach Z to wash his hands.

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