The Strong Badian Administration of Some Aluminum Foil

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Strong Badian Administration of Some Aluminum Foil
Kick-awesome logo.
Fleet 30
Flagship The Proud Anselmo
Headquarters Strong Badia
Captain 1st Ltnrl. Space Captainface

The Strong Badian Administration of Some Aluminum Foil (also known as SBASAF pronounced "sbace-aff") is Strong Badia's space program. It is a definitely-for-profit organization dedicated to the manned taping of aluminum foil to cardboard.

[edit] Fleet

SBASAF has a 30-vessel fleet, constructed of cardboardium alloy. Its flagship is known as The Proud Anselmo. The mission of SBASAF is to accompany 15 Earth dollars on a round trip journey to the closest reaches of space. According to their vague understanding of the theory of relativity, the muscular crew will only age a few hours but the money will age to roughly $1 million (in the form of three gold bars).

[edit] Crew

First Lieuteneral Space Captainface, played by Strong Bad, is the leader of the two person crew. His many job responsibilities include Breaking the Rules, Bucking the System, Rabble-rousing, and Assaulting Superior Officers. The fleet's only mechanic appears to be Harold "Strap" Coopmore (aka The Strap), played by The Cheat. The on-ground flight engineer is Rheumatoid T'daveral, who smokes a smooth and relaxing cigarette. Strong Mad isn't part of the crew but aids in the adventures by supplying the shaking effects of launch. Homestar Runner unknowingly played a space "myoot-ant" from Satriani V. Also, SBASAF is currently in the process of training Cadet Z.

They spent most of their budget on a kick-awesome logo and an orientation filmstrip featuring as many hot '60s looking girls as possible. They used the experimental $15 on a Sound F/X CD, which is operated by The Strap. The organization also seems to have a rivalry with the Italian space program, and seeks to knock their satellites out of orbit.

[edit] Appearances

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