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"I was raised by a cup of coffee."

Occasionally, Strong Bad will imitate Homsar by speaking nonsensical sentences in a similar vein as him, usually in Fan Costumes toons, when commenting a Homsar costume or its surroundings. He also imitates Homsar when mocking him or attempting to communicate with him.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email interview — Strong Bad doodles himself and Homsar on sticky notes attached to pens and acts out a mock-interview between the two. He speaks these sentences as replies to his questions:
    • "DaAaAaA! I'm a song from the sixties!"
    • "AaAaA! Rightio! I think I can twice!"
    • "DaAa! I was raised by a cup of coffee."
    • "'Twas the pride of the peaches."
    • "DaAaA! Don't fake the funk on a nasty dunk!"
  • Fan Costumes '07 — Strong Bad comments on a young man's Homsar costume in the style of a news report, saying "The missing teen, dressed as some type of giant moron, was last seen wandering into the woods, repeating 'AaAaAaAa'm the make-money magnate!'".
  • Strong Badia the Free — On the Homsar Reservation, Strong Bad imitates Homsar in an effort to communicate with him.
    • "I'm an all-expenses-paid vacation!"
    • "Park them candy corns up the avenue!"
    • "AaAaA, I broke the tip off my stipend!"
    • "AaAaA, save room for the laughtrack, Lowcash!"
    • "I'm a fresh dipe, if you see what I mean."
    • "Daaaaahhh... I'm the old jalboa jump shot!"
    • After placing all of the Homsartifacts in the Pylon, he becomes able to speak Homsar's language, but Strong Sad hears him continue to imitate Homsar:
      • "'Twas the pride of the peaches."
      • "...wrinkled the top off the bread and cereals group!"
      • "DAaAaAhHhHhHh..."
  • Fan Costumes '08 — Strong Bad notices that a boy had taped a paper cutout of Homsar's hat to the door behind him for his Homsar costume picture. He notes in Homsar's voice, "I tape my hat to the door."
  • Fan Costumes 2015 — While commenting on a man's Homsar costume, he says on his surroundings, "I stick a Q on the wall by the dream catchers."
  • Fan Costumes 2017 — Strong Bad again makes quotes out of a fan dressed as Homsar's surroundings, saying "Middle America's houses are rife with Homsar quotes".
    • "AaAaAaAaA! I'm a tall kitty in a pumpkin bag!"
    • "Don't froth up, I unplugged the papasan!"
  • Fan 'Stumes 2019 — Strong Bad comments on the tradition of making Homsar quotes "manufactured from crap you didn't crop out of your photo", and attempts this once again by saying "Daaah! Batten down your red cups, everybody! 'Cause my towel rack is nothing but Aqua Net! Empty soap dispenser, plastic bag. Learn how to use tape better. Make it into those little rolls and stick it under the letter."
  • Fan 'Stumes 2022 — Strong Bad refuses to fall for one costume's "Homsar-baiting", "trying to get [him] to make a non-sequitur out of all the crap in the background". He then deliberately misreads the shirt as Omsol and introduces a new character, who says "Ahhhh, there's a heart-shaped hole in my tiny dog bed."

[edit] Variations

  • Fan 'Stumes 2023 — The announcer for The Show acknowledges that Strong Bad didn't make up a Homsar quote out of people's photographs this time, and comes up with "AaAaAaAah! I get to re-roll my chicken cutlet!".

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