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"Uh... The Pizz? Thanks for calling?"

In many cases, Strong Bad throws together stuff at the last minute, or even does the said stuff while an event is going on. Sometimes, a character (usually Homestar Runner) will let slip the fact that Strong Bad has thrown together something.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email current status — Strong Bad quickly checks his email before later fleeing Coach B and Zubs. One of them remarks that "This crap ain't funny!"
  • Email huttah! — After being confronted by The Cheat, Strong Bad quickly slaps a piece of paper reading "The Cheat" on his computer screen and nervously checks two more emails to prove that he wasn't holding out emails from The Cheat. The Cheat leaves the room angry.
  • Email local news — The whole email is about Strong Bad throwing together a news broadcast for Strong Badia, and Strong Bad himself blatantly lies that he's going to do something totally unrelated to throwing the broadcast together.
  • Email pizza joint — Strong Bad throws together a fake pizza joint that becomes a big success.

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