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Supra Modern Telegram is the preferred brand of telegraph service in Free Country, USA during the Old-Timey era. It claims to be "The Future... Sorta." Old-Timey Strong Bad uses this "supra modern" service to answer telegrams with his telegramophone for his "Electronic Message" show in the Telegraph Room. In the DVD version of little animal, the telegraph serves as an Old-Timey version of The Paper.

Interestingly, although "STOP" appears at the end of each sentence to signify a pause, it is capable of producing punctuation such as question marks and commas. These characters appear in both American Morse and International Morse code sets, and "." largely superseded the use of "STOP" within a message body by the mid-1800s. Additionally, in 1936, most telegraphs were actually teletypewriters or Telex machines which used Baudot code — a digital signalling method — instead of Morse, rendering "STOP" completely obsolete.

[edit] Appearances

The Future… Sorta.
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