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Maybe it would be a better idea to remove this template and whenever it is needed someone just write themselves, "Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow." —Mas12806 (talk·contribs)17:47, 13 December 2008 (UTC)

... Why? The advantage of using a template is that if we want to modify the message, we can just edit here, and we won't have to go through all the pages to change them individually. --Belthazar 22:13, 13 December 2008 (UTC)
I guess your right. But what about this template? This is defenetly a template not needed, as easilly we can just put Strong Bad Email #190, in bold. It's that simple for that one. —Mas12806 (talk·contribs) 22:23, 13 December 2008 (UTC)
That template is the navigation template for EVERY SBEMAIL. It's VERY necessary. — Defender1031*Talk 22:24, 13 December 2008 (UTC)
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