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Below is a chart showing the visuals that occur during the music video The Cheat Theme Song.

Lyrics Visuals
drum beatCut to a green background with a The Cheat pattern on it. A green heart-monitor-esque line cuts across the middle of the screen. It beats with the drum music.
Who's always givin' Strong Bad a hand?Shows a Powered by The Cheat version of The Cheat, spinning clockwise and zooming out. Background is green with a pink "explosion". Near the end of the lyric, a PBTC Strong Bad head flies by, spinning clockwise.
The Cheat! The Cheat!The Cheat, apparently dancing to the music in the background, close up. The words "The Cheat" flash onto the screen in large red letters when the voice says it. Strong Bad's head also flashes by in the background.
Who's always messin' up Homestar's plans?Same picture of The Cheat dancing, now on a red/purple background. A row of Strong Bad heads appears at the top, 1 by 1, then disappears 1 by 1. A Homestar Runner head flashes erratically on and off the screen, appearing in different places each time.
The Cheat! The Cheat!The words "The Cheat" flash on the screen in red letters, synchronized with the voice. Each time they come on, the background changes color.
Who's gonna start a rock and roll band?The Cheat on a stage holding a Flying Vee. Both of them turn around several times. A Homestar head flashes in the lower left corner, and a Strong Bad head flashes in the upper right.
The Cheat! The Cheat!The words "The Cheat" appear at the top of the screen, designed to look like a rock band's logo. To sync with the second voice, they appear upside down on the bottom of the screen.
Who's—Cut to The Cheat playing Homestar Talker on the Tangerine Dreams. The only chooseable words are "making", "out", "with", and "Marzipan".
Making - Out - With - Marzipan! (in Homestar's voice)The Cheat clicks on each of the words in correct order, and the Homestar head in the center of the screen says them.
The Cheat! The Cheat!The Cheat turns to face the camera and zooms in every time the background voice says a word, until he is at an extreme close-up.
The Cheat! The Cheat is in the house!A silhouetted face singing into a silhouetted microphone against a blue background with 3 yellow spotlights.
Who's the man that looks like The Cheat?On an extremely erratic background of random colored lines, The Cheat does the same dancing animation from earlier. A Pikachu flies across the screen.
The Cheat! The Cheat!The words "The Cheat" appear in red letters on the screen. Read from top to bottom, it reads "Cheat The", then "The Cheat".
(In falsetto) Who's the one with yellow feet?On a color-cycling background, The Cheat appears in the lower left corner. A new The Cheat appears next to him. They keep reappering until there are 16 on the screen.
The Cheat! The Cheat!For the first "The Cheat", all of the The Cheats rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise, once for each word. For the second one, every other The Cheat turns solid yellow, then they rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise again.
Who's the dude that moves to the beat?On a turquoise background, the words "Who's the dude that moves to" appear as the voice says them. The Cheat does a dancing animation on top of it. When the voice gets to "The Beat?", the words "the beat" appear in green letters on top of the screen numerous times in random fashion.
The Cheat! The Cheat!The Cheat moves over to the right side, as the words "The Cheat" appear sideways on the left. For the second one, The Cheat moves to the left, and the words appear sideways on the right.
Who's the guy from 21 Jump Street?The words "The Cheat" fly from the top of the screen to the bottom, switching places. The background is a street with a gutter. A flying vee flies along the line of the street, and a street sign appears in the corner that says "Jump Street".
Not The Cheat! Not The Cheat!Using numerous backgrounds and letterings from the toon, The Cheat flashes on and off the screen with each word. Every time they say "The Cheat", the words "The Cheat" appear in lettering previously used in the video. A Strong Bad head flashes on and off the screen.
The Cheat! The Cheat!For the first "The Cheat", the words "The Cheat" come out in cursive letters from the heart monitor bar, the same one from the beginning. They flash out each time the voice says a word. For the second one, a line drawing of The Cheat flashes out of the bar.
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