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HR Wooky




[edit] Haldo! Helscome to my wedsite!

Hi im Dagger =) I am a girl for anyone who wants to know hah. everyone always thinks im a guy BUT IM NOT!! haha soo umm.. oh, im basically OBSESSED with Panic! At The Disco so if you like them too you're cool =D umm i cant think of anything else soooooooo yeah!

[edit] My favorite things on h*

  • I love the sbemails like more then you know =)
  • I also enjoy the email sibbie lol
  • I love the cheat commandos
    • Especially Commandos in the Classroom ;)
  • My brother and his friends are known as The On point Kings so i think the email origins is pretty cool cause they came from it.
  • I like pressing the random sbemail button over.. and over... and over xD its pretty fun.
  • I like it when The Cheats head blows up. its funny xD
  • I love the Homestarmy =)
  • Limozeen is pretty cool
  • I own all of the dvds and i love the commentaries for some reason lol
  • I like the halloween toons =)
  • Oh and i LOVE the karaoke version of Trogdor.. just when Homestar sings it its just SOOOO funny!!
  • I like it when homestar spits teddy grams
  • I also like it when homsar gets squished by the heavy lourde. its funny
  • PBTC stuff is cool
  • I wish scarfgirl was a real magizine
  • I have writted Cara carabowditbowdit on my shoes for fun(converses)
    • I also wrote "Eww..Claire..Why?" on them ;)
  • "Thanks for breakin my cow lamp.."
  • I love the dangeresque movie things
  • and thats it... lol

[edit] Thanks for coming!

Thanks for coming to my page thing! Feel free to leave a message on my talk page for whatever reason lol. BYEE!!!!!

[edit] My Sig

Dagger (talk · edits) 17:44, 23 June 2006 (UTC)

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