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I'm cool!


[edit] Stuff that is cool but me

  • Dinosaurs/spino/saur/us
  • Animals
  • All Cartoon Network shows
  • H*R
  • School
  • Zim

[edit] Original stuff

welcome! This is some stuff that is from early HR. And stuff celebrating it or making fun of it.

1.Original Book

2.Super NES

3.Where My Hat Is At?

4.Marshmallow's Last Stand

5.Fortune Cookies

6.Astro-Lite 2600

7.Strongest Man in the World [[Image:Strongest Man Contest Judges.png|thumb]]


9.She Loves Me!

10.First Flash

11.Second Flash

12.Old Intro

13.Old Intro 2

14.Pom Pom, Too

15.Original Games Menu

16.Old Characters Page

17.If I Ran The Camera

18.Fan Stuff

19.The King of Town DVD Old Version

20.In Search of the Yello Dello Old Version

21.A Jumping Jack Contest

[edit] Quiz

If you know a lot about dinosaurs, awnser my quiz. And tell me how to spell awnser.

Get a image with the caption "We got a smart one!"

[edit] DSB

File:Example.jpg code=[ [ I m a g e : E x a m p l e . j p g ] ]=CODE OVERT [ [ i m a a j f h n r e a d s 4 r t c v j k m n b gh a d s ! ! ! ! t h e c h e a t i s t o t h e l i m i t ! ! ! ! c o m e o n f h q w g a d s ! ! ! ! e v e r y b o d y t o t h e l i m i t ! ! ! !

[edit] RandOoOoOoOoOoOoOo


D'htj mkn e bwanzdm d

fgcv mrsd gcn ,dtgfhcmv m'rr'y7jiGktu .,




fgh vnb jyjhmb, jhm

 m, hb

yy,jmh netm hdgcm mB yjhmb n



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