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"Our Gracious Host"


[edit] Gold Van Buren Award of Awesomeness

The Gold Van Buren Award of Awesomeness is given to people who have helped me a ton and are, as the award says, awesome.

[edit] Winners


[edit] Pewter Van Buren Award

This award is given out to those who make outstanding contributions to the Wiki. Be it fighting vandals or making tables, every recipent of the award deserves it.

[edit] Winners

Pewter Van Buren Winners
User Date Reason
E.L. Cool Dec 14 For cleaning up Trogdor. Big time.
Homestramy20 Nov 29 Also For Sightings work.
Stux Nov 28 For Sightings work.
The Paper Nov 25 For image-related contributions.
Thunderbird L17 Nov 25 For the amazing feat of blocking himself.

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