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Welcome to my page! I only occasionally edit these days.


[edit] Contributions of minor significance

  1. Uploaded Dullard from from work.
  2. Made Candy Product Visuals
  3. Made different town visuals. Almost got DELETED!.
  4. Nominated Cheerleader as a featured article. It made it on May 14th, 2007.

Bluebry: WHOA. This is one of the few GOOD articles I've seen suggested EVER. The others are like: "Homestar is a person in He has a hat and a shirt/skirt. I is unknown as to whether it is a shirt or skirt, but Strong Bad has sarcastically said it's a skirt, so it must be a skirt. He is now going to go to the store." I could go on, and on, and on. Then get lunch. Then go on some more. And then I'm done. So, yeah, Cheerleaders a good long article. I'm all for it. Bluebry talk/Contribs

[edit] People on my talkpage

  1. The Yellow Dart - Welcomed Me.
  2. Trey56 - Complimented me on my sig and helped me with the sig box.
  3. Addict 2006 - my friend on wikipedia.
  4. I R F - Helped me w/ show preview.
  5. Stux - Helped me with sig, etc.

[edit] Current Signature

-- Lazylaces Talk

[edit] Homestarrunner in Time Magazine

Check it out!

[edit] Stuff (Not the acronym)

Look at my Test page

[edit] My Email to Matt

First up, Love the site! I know I'm only 1 of 100 to say that, but i just think what you're doing is incredible. I actually first found out about your site through iTunes. Congratulations on the baby! This email is just one huge stream of consciousness, isn't it? anyway, I know you know about hrwiki. Do you edit it? That would be cool. You could do STUFF! It's fine if you don't respond or even OPEN this email. I've emailed many celebrities, and they haven't opened my email. Not even after a year. By the way, my account on hrwiki is lazylaces. All right, I guess this is goodbye. Even though there was never a hello.

[edit] His Response

Thanks lazylaces! Glad you dig the site. And thanks for the congrats. To answer your question, no we never edit the wiki. The fans really seem to have it covered and we think the few incorrect things on there are part of the fun. It's really cool to have such an insanely extensive fan site made in our website's honor.

High five, Matt

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