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Perducci is a criminal mastermind who, like other evil villains, carries out nefarious plans of evil.

He wears a blue suit, a bowler hat, sunglasses, and a name tag reading, "Hello, my name is perducci". Though it's not widely known, he was Strong Bad's and Bubs mentors. While his plots aren't commonly seen or obvious in the Homestar Universe, he has been referenced to or observed. In the movie "Dangeresque 1: Dangeresque, too?" (See sbemail dangeresque 3) he is portrayed by The King of Town playing out one of the more famous schemes Perducci has planed, which Dangeresque and Dangeresque Too foiled.

Some of his appearances and crimes have been:

  • Planned/took part/helped out with many of Strong Bad's schemes and capers. (Most notably their biggest caper)
  • Prank calls between major and moderate plans.
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