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So, here I am. Me? I'm Shadoman. If you're on Wikipedia, yes, I am the Shadoman. I joined here fairly recently; earlier, I was just lurking. I remember how I always heard about "Homestar Runner", but I was never really into it because it didn't help that my first main page was the Zombie Homestar one. But then I came back (after a few years), watched "Play Date", and here I am. As for me, all I really do is go on the Internet, watch Homestar Runner cartoons, and play some video games (by the way, if you ever see Sonic, Marth, Ike or Toon Link on Wi-Fi in Brawl, that might be me!). Well, that's about it, other than the fact that I agree with Coach Zee; we Canadians don't say the word 'eh' every two seconds.

Also, you can find me on Youtube here.


[edit] Favourite Toons

Big Toons:

  • Strong Bad Is In Jail Cartoon
  • A Jorb Well Done
  • Where's The Cheat?
  • DNA Evidence
  • Bug in Mouth Disease
  • Shopping for Danger
  • Strongest Man In The World


  • Ever and More!
  • One, Two, One, Two...
  • Commandos in the Classroom
  • Summer Short Shorts
  • Drive-Thru
  • The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw
  • No Hands On Deck!
  • Experimental Film

Holiday Toons:

  • 3 Times Halloween Funjob
  • Jibblies 2
  • The House That Gave Sucky Treats
  • Happy Dethemberween
  • Decemberween Short Shorts
  • Halloween Fairstival
  • Trogday '08
  • All Fan Costumes
  • Fall Float Parade
  • Under Construction

Powered by The Cheat:

  • Everybody to The Limit
  • Mile
  • New Boots
  • Rap Song
  • These Peoples Try To Fade Me

Strong Bad Emails:

  • Tandy 400:
    • sisters
    • butt IQ
    • the bird
  • Compy 386:
    • techno
    • your friends
    • dragon
    • japanese cartoon
    • kids' book
    • kind of cool
    • caffeine
    • video games
    • theme park
    • for kids
    • virus
  • Lappy 486:
    • animal
    • radio
    • origins
    • rock opera
    • long pants
    • best thing
    • boring (really)
    • alternate universe
    • senior prom
    • keep cool
    • cliffhangers
    • retirement
    • 4 branches
    • the movies
    • unnatural
    • the paper
    • mini-golf
    • hygiene
    • pizza joint
    • winter pool
    • fan club
    • shapeshifter
    • rated
    • love poems
    • magic trick
    • email thunder

[edit] Least Favourite Toons

Big Toons:

  • In Search of the Yello Dello
  • The King Of Town


  • 500 The Cheats
  • Strong Bad Is A Bad Guy
  • The Li'l Brudder Show
  • Kick The Can

Holiday Toons:

  • Pumpkin Carvenival
  • Sloshybowl
  • Happy Hallowday

Strong Bad Emails:

  • tape-leg
  • the basics
  • dullard
  • vacation
  • little questions
  • current status
  • disconnected
  • looking old
  • being mean

[edit] Major Contributions

  • Composed the transcript for "magic trick"
  • Nothing else. (sob)

[edit] And Now, A Few Choice Quotes

"I am thankful my hat is wearing a belt!" ~ Stinkoman, Twenty THANXty Six

"Bruce Jenner's tube socks!!" ~ Coach Zee, Homestar Ruiner

"Hey, Strong Bad, I really like your costume. The Spanish Inquisition? That's great!" ~ Homestar Runner, The House That Gave Sucky Treats

"Oh no! You shanked my Jengaship!" ~ Homsar, Where's The Cheat?

"You're not a broom?!" ~ Homestar Runner, long pants

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