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My name is Gordon, I go by the handle "SoaperGEM" (GEM being my initials). I am a web developer from Madison, Wisconsin.


I put off studying for a midterm in Math 371 to create a (pseudo)logo for this wiki based off the same style that David Friedland employed in his logo for Wikipedia.

Homestar Runner Wiki

Here are some other logo ideas I came up, in full-size. The Wikipedia-style one (shown above) is my personal favorite, simply because it's more aesthetically appealing than any of the others.

icowikipedia1pv.png Wikipedia-style
icowikimedia2aa.png Wikimedia-style v.3
icowikimedia2aa.png Wikimedia-style v.2
icowikimedia2aa.png Wikimedia-style v.1
icowikicommons6ly.png Wikimedia Commons-style

I've got experience doing that sort of thing before since I am an administrator on a different wiki. Want this to appear as the logo while you're logged in? You can! Just edit your own monobook.css file and copy the contents of mine.

document2tc.png monobook.css

Also, if you're running Firefox and you have autoScroll enabled, want to change that bland image from this: autoscrollvih5.png into this: sbscrollpn3.png ? Again, take a look at my monobook.css file.

Soapergem Talk.png Contrib.png

cc9vu.gif Legal Notice

redirectltr.png Please see this page for the legal status of the logo.

link5hc.png Fun Links

editjb6.gif My Personal Website
UYWN7.gif Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz
potion7hn.gif Final Fantasy XII Potion Commercial
sushi7ql.gif The Japanese Tradition: Sushi
video7gl.gif Live-action Saikano Trailer
search8pj.gif Regular Expressions Tutorial

1upvw1.gif Videogames


rotate4wl.gif We've got a spinner


ascii3cx.gif ASCII Art

redirectltr.png Moved to User:Soapergem/ASCII Art.

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