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Welcome to my 'age. notice that there is no 'take a crap in it.' in it. please keep it that way.

Current Random Thought of The Week (or so)

I'm serious Wingull's actually good.
He turn's intoeh.. ep- uh-evolves into Pelistorm.


[edit] The Amazing Amazement That is the Life of Strong Awesome, Lalalalalala!

.....Eh, it'll work, i s'pose. Makes my average life sound cool.

Greetings, fellow HRwikians! I am StrongAwesome, or, as "real-live" people call me, Matt. You may also call me Matt if you please. I currently reside in the State of Mish-EE-gan, and.... that's pretty much it.
I have a variety of interests, such as the following:

  • Homestar Runner, obviously.
  • I enjoy a myriad of classic music, such as
    • The Rolling Stones
    • Styx
    • The Kinks
    • The Police
    • The Beatles
    • Pink Floyd
    • Led Zepplin
    • And More
  • My favorite books are the Hitckhiker's series. I enjoy some Watchmen and Artemis Fowl at times too.
  • My life is spent mostly on here and here.
  • And anything else similar to that.

[edit] How I found Homestar and The Wiki

I went over my friend's house, and he was playing TROGDOR!, which looked pretty cool. As I ventured home, I went on the website he was on, and watched the Latest toon.(at the time.) I was instantly hooked. The hilarity of those dumb animal characters never ceases to amaze.


I have no idea when or how I found the wiki. Someteen years ago, that's as much as I can recall.

[edit] The Best of Awards

Best 'toon: Cool Things

Best Short: TrogdorCon '97

Best Holiday: Homestar Presents: Presents

Best Sbemail: montage

[edit] The Story Of H*R

Warning: Be advised that the following section is a joke (hopefully), and does not represent the views of anybody cool. Oh, except me. I'm cool.

The following is an excerpt of the book "2 to 3: The entire history of the world between 2000 and 2999", written in 3026 by Μαθθαιος Kgapnam.

Another thing that had began just before 2000 was, the fortress created by the brothers of Matthew and Michael Chapman. It housed the deities of a tall, athletic person named Homestar Runner and his arch-rival, Strong Bad. The fortress frequently released strange things called "toons" to entertain the populace and to contact the deities. The first decade of the 21st century was all about homestarrunner, shortened as "H*R", so popular in fact that a man named Joshua Dal founded an entire country with their national religion to worship this cartoon show, named HomestarRunnerikiW. The "HRwikians", as they were called, spent every single waking moment documenting every single thing that was involved in H*R, that the 3,357 documents that they created could wrap around the world 138 times if they were all lined up together.

H*R created a large array of things that the world began to use in everyday life. The skill of typing with boxing gloves on was first dreamt of in H*R, and thanks to Steven Q. Esquire in 2375, the practice is now done by 85% or today's households. At the dawn of 2003, a beefy armed dragon named Jrogfor the Lurninator threatened to destroy the fortress, but Strong Bad tamed the beast as a pet. In 2008, The Chapman Brothers (or TBC) invented a company known as "Tale Games Tell", and they in turn, with the help of Videlectrix, a mystical orc TBC raised, created the world's first video game, SBCG4AaoP. This was an acronym for "Super Bodaciously Carving Game For Aardvarks and other People." The game starred Strong Bad, who had recently defeated Homestar Runner in a great battle and was more popular with the pesants. The players goal was to try to handle the style and awesomeness of Strong Bad, which was a very challenging thing to do.

Sadly, the great empire of was not a long rule, and ended after a decade of hilarity. Late in '09, a new heir to the Chapman throne had been born of Matthew and his wife. After that, hardly any toons were released, and the streets of HomestarRunnerikiW were quiet and barren. Many HRwikians moved away, losing hope. A few stayed in the nation, believing that the gods would soon answer their prayers. No answer. To cheer themselves up, the remaining HRwikians attempted to view old toons, but a few toons refused to work. Soon, all of the toons were malfunctioning, and the HRwikians had no way of contact to H*R.

No one knows what became of H*R, nor the inhabitants of HomestarRunnerikiW. But one thing is for certain. The town, and H*R, live on in the hearts of those whose hearts were frozen at the time of H*R's rule.

[edit] And now..

Some moving images to distract you long enough for your teacher to take a nap, drink, or smoke-break. Blue_Ball_Factory.gif Blue_Ball_Factory.gif

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