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Go here to play my userpage game, or click here to skip it.

Current Mood: Eh?
Current Book: Dracula
Current Favorite Toon: sibbie
Current Song: I was on the Fan Costumes 09! I was the Where's an Egg man! I knew I was going to make most obscure...wait...oh well. But I still made it! Frame 2109! Compare to here for any questions.


[edit] The Top

Halt! Whoever wishes to cross the bridge of death enter my user page must answer me these questions three!
What wouldst thou deau?


[edit] Question 1

  • What is your name?
    • Alternatively, I'm pretty hungry, so if you got anything to eat on you,
      I'll give you the TrogHelmet(TM) let you go on the next question.
      • What wouldst thou deau?


2.Give meatball sub

3.Tell name

4.Get ye flask

[edit] Question 2

  • What is your quest?
    • I'm pretty thirsty. I'll be's your best friend give you the TrogShield(TM) let you on to question 3.

1.I search for the HOLY GRAIL


3.Give soda

4.Nunchuck gun guy

5.I seek to kill TROGDOR

6.Make friends with Kerrek

7.Get ye flask

[edit] Question 3

  • What is your favorite color?
    • OR: What is the flight speed of a fully laden swallow?
      • OR: I am here, today, stealing your presents. Sorry, kids, today is not your lucky day.
        • OR: My back's killing me. If you've got something for it, I could give you the TrogSword let you see the userpage.
          • What wouldst thou do?

1.Give pills



4.Blue...I mean YELLOW!


6.Give Kerrek a COLD ONE


8.What do you mean? African or European?


10.Get ye flask

11.Other color

[edit] Intro

Greetings! I am Strong Vader! Guys, line up to my left for high-fives! Girls, line up to my right for make-outs! ... [Crickets chirping]... Like I said, I'm Strong Vader, Star Wars Fan (Nerd), Violinist & Pianist Extraordinaire, Chess Master, and um... just look at the user boxes, will you? I think I in the oven that I need to take care of.

Um...Anybody want to play my userpage game again?

Swirly Photoshop Magic!

[edit] How Do I Feel Right Now?

Wow. 297. That's...just...a little less...than three hundred. Yeah, I learned that in school.

[edit] Words of Wisdom

"Mr. Spiro, guns are dangerous. Especially the end with the hole." -Pex, from "Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code" by Eoin Colfer (8/31-9/6 09)

"Go stick your head in a pig." -Sirius Cybernetics Corporation sign, from the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams" Series(9/7-9-14 09)

"Anything worth doing is too hard." -Wally, from "Dilbert" by Scott Adams" (9/14-11/9/09)

"I pray for the strength to change what I can, the inability to accept what I can't, and the incapacity to tell the difference." -Calvin from "Calvin and Hobbes", (11/9-11/16/09)

"I KILL YOU!" -Achmed the Dead Terrorist with Jeff Dunham (11/16-)

[edit] My Life (Stupid Crap You Can Skip)

  • My real name is Charles Jang
  • Born in South Korea 4/21/1994
  • Moved to USA (St. Louis, MO) in '96
  • Moved to Ft. Worth, TX in '98
  • Played Violin & Piano since '00
  • I'm a Conservative. Yeah.
  • Found in '03, fanatic status confirmed in '05
  • Found HRWiki in '05 (coincidence?)
Dark Lord of the Banana-In real life!

[edit] Stuff I Like, Like Books, Movies, Websites (In No Particular Order)

logoiv.png sitelogo1.gif 20070727dilbertlogo240x.gif peanuts-gang.png calvinandhobbesk.jpg foxtrotlogo.jpg flashchess.jpg dontpanic1024.jpg mythbusters.jpg chadvader.jpg starwars.png austinpowers2.jpg thehuntforredoctober.jpg booksinatthedeath.jpg rushlimbaugh.jpg 0060514558.jpg aninconvenientbookcover.jpg libertyandtyranny.jpg melbrooks.jpg blazingsaddles.jpg melbrookssilentmovie.jpg spaceballs355x497.jpg robinhoodx.jpg montypythonandtheholygrs.jpg

[edit] Strong Badia the Free

I participated in the HRWiki Forum's threads, the SBEmail Game and Thy Dungeonman, until they got locked. I didn't like that, so I went ahead and made Piemonade, and made Strong Badia the Free as a forum where we could play the SBEmail Game and our Thy Dungeonman, in addition to the discussion at the HRWiki. Come on by! We're always awesome!

[edit] My Work Ethic

My work ethic is based upon the acronym "WWWD?" which stands for "What would Wally do?" Wally generally goes by such tenets as "Things that are worth doing are too hard" and "Sadness is just another word for 'not enough coffee'". I'd tell you more, but I've got this urge to go under my desk and take a nap.

[edit] Custom Userboxes

Bottom ten removed because the frame wasn't working.

[edit] Some of My Funnier Moments

  • Like this one time I fooled some of my users at Strong Badia the Free forum in our chat crap thing (NOT the HRWiki chat channels) into thinking hremail4237 was out. A-like-a dis-a.
    • Me:
    • User: {after about fifteen seconds) That's a 404.
    • Other user: Yeah, that's a 404
    • Me: Bwa-ha-ha!
    • Other user: Aw, man. I wanted to see the new Hremail.


    • Me: I've got a great idea!
    • Other user: Oh, goody. What is it?
    • Me: Let's post that HREmail 4237 is available!

[edit] Favo Quotes

[edit] Strong Bad

  • Well, [poking Pom Pom with a pin on fire] had to be done in the name of science. Or more accurately, because some stupid kid e-mailed me and told me to. I hope you're happy, Kevin!
  • The Cheat! I told you to remove the Phtoom! All we needed was the Bang!
  • You set me up! You set me up! The Cheat! Tell him he set you up!
  • I keep telling you, Firebert's not a good commando name.
  • I'm not doing an e-mail song this week! Oh, wait-
  • Well, if it isn't the big yellow blob and Pom Pom!
  • Awwww, now my head's not taped to the TV!
  • A multipart one:
    • STRONG BAD: I have been told that you enjoy prancing around like an idiot. Is that true?
    • HOMESTAR: Lah dee da da dee da da lah da da dee!
    • STRONG BAD: I guess that answers my question.
  • Another multipart one:
    • Strong Bad: Hey, the Cheat-whoa, you're already here. Some town in North Dakota wants you to say something normal, like, um...Douglas.
    • THE CHEAT: Meh!
    • STRONG BAD: Douglasss...
    • THE CHEAT: Meh!
    • STRONG BAD: Douglas!
    • THE CHEAT: Meh! [leaves.]
    • STRONG BAD: Well, there you go, Cory, North Dakota, egh- oh, hi, Strong Mad. Say "Douglas".
    • STRONG BAD: Douglasss...
    • STRONG BAD: Douglas!
    • STRONG MAD: NO! [leaves]
    • STRONG BAD: Hey, Strong Sad!
    • STRONG BAD: Douglas! [Strong Bad hits him with the keyboard to the Compy.]
  • Luke Homestar, I am your father! (Not a real quote, but don't you wish it was?)

[edit] As Dangeresque

  • Looks like we're gonna have to jump!

[edit] Homestar Runner

  • Meh! I'm the Cheat!
  • Homestarrunner dot net! It's dot com!
  • Put that freakin' sandwich down!
  • Hey guys, is this that Super Giants video?
  • I'm here every week. It's just that usually, I'm behind the black. In fact, I think I might even live here.
  • My contract says that I cannot talk about, drink, or bathe in any other liquid!
  • Strong Bad, the good times are over. I swallowed your computer.

[edit] The Cheat

  • Meh mreh menzreh, meh meh meh! "Just say, 'Screw all y'all'."
  • Meh merehmemehmehmeh mehmemimezrehmeh. Meh! "Now get that camera out of my face before I throw this bust of Van Buren at it. Meh!

[edit] Bubs

  • Checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout!
  • Let's see here...Bail Bondsman...Paranormal Investigator...Normal Investigator...Ah, here we are! Dr. Bubs!
  • Don't you talk to me!
  • My mouth was a broken JPEG! I had no choice!
  • A multipart one:
    • Strong Bad: So wait a minute. Your black market sells quality goods, but your concession stand sells dangerous crap?
    • Bubs: That's right! I've got a rep-a-tation to uphold!

[edit] Strong Mad


[edit] Coach Z

  • Way-o! Way-o!
  • Jorbaly jorbaly jorbaly!
  • Introducing the Coach Z Sog Dog: MMM! Drink in that bun!

[edit] Pom Pom

  • Bubble bubble blorble bubble

[edit] Stinkoman

  • Hey, Big Nose!
  • Dot-dot-dot!
  • 20 X-ty 6!

[edit] The Poopsmith


[edit] Marzipan

  • Hey guys, Homestar Jr.'s starting to talk now. He just said, "Put that freakin' sandwich down!"

[edit] Strong Sad

  • Hey, it's the Deathly Pallor comin' at you at Numbitty 902, the STURGE! Don't you touch that ZABBATIBLOUGH!

[edit] Homsar

  • You just shanked my jengajam!
  • A multipart one:
    • HORRIBLE PAINTING: Come on in here?
    • HOMSAR: I'm a touchy-feely-holic!
    • HORRIBLE PAINTING: Jibblie jibblie jibblie!

[edit] The King of Town

The King of Town has never said anything funny.

[edit] My Wiki Accomplishments (This is Gonna be Short)

[edit] WRONG!

What do you think you are, some kind of Thy Dungeonman? Well...I don't know what game this is, either, but that isn't it! Nor any of the sequels, either! Back to the beginning!

[edit] WRONG!II

It didn't work the last time! Back to the beginning!

[edit] WRONG!III

The nunchuck gun wrestle man beats you up, whipping you and beating you, until you sing campfire songs in the voice of a little girl. Back to the beginning!

[edit] Other Message

If this is too hard, watch "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and/or play Peasant's Quest.

[edit] WRONG!IV

That didn't work for STRONG BAD and it won't work for you! Back to the beginning!

[edit] WRONG!V

IT DOESN'T...Dennis kills you. You dead. Your head a splode. Back to the beginning!

[edit] WRONG!VI

Ye can't get ye flask. Want to try getting ye precious flask again?

[edit] Try that again?

Ye tug ye flask from the wall and the wiki falls on your head! Musta been a load-bearing flask. Back to the beginning! MUAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-ha-HA!

[edit] Special


[edit] sigh...

OK, Mr., Ms., Mrs., or Fraulein Clever Dan.

And that's the end of our show! DONK!

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