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Secret downloads!

Screenshot Name Description External Links
Stencils Printable stencils to use on pumpkins. Replaced by Punkin Stencils. View the Flash file
Punkin Stencils These are the later version of the pumpkin stencils above. They are shown on the main pages each year as one of the updates. There is no other link to them from the site. View the Punkin Stencils
View the Flash file
View 2004's Stencils (mirror)
View 2005's Stencils
Wallpaper o' the Week Possibly an old feature, meant for the weekly updates section. The link is embedded in the source of the Homestar Talker. View the page
Strong Bad theme SB Theme A desktop theme for Strong Bad. Download the SB Theme
Wireless Bizness A page that appears to be intended for mobile phones supporting WAP. Has some Strong Bad Emails, but no longer works. View Wireless Bizness
Homestar Runner Desktop Theme Homestar Runner Desktop Theme A Homestar Runner desktop theme for Windows 98. View the download page for Homestar Runner Desktop Theme
Download the Homestar Runner Desktop Theme
Additional Theme Windows 98 H*R Theme A Homestar Runner desktop theme for Windows 98. This one is broken, and only downloads the theme song. View the Flash file for Windows 98 H*R Theme
Download the Windows 98 H*R Theme
Homestar Runner and Strong Bad Screensaver These screensavers can also be obtained by downloading the themes. Download the Screen Saver
Strong Mad Stickers Print out Strong Mad Stickers! The design is based on the André the Giant Has a Posse sticker design. Strong Mad Stickers
Download the ZIP File
Downloads Menu Simply a different name for the downloads menu, but the screen is smaller. Downloads Menu
Wallpapers The wallpaper download page. Wallpapers
MORE TO COME! The page with the AIM buddy icons on it. MORE TO COME!
Podstar Runner The menu for the site's discontinued Podcast service. Podstar Runner Menu

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