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[edit] Unified Theory of The Homestar

I've developed a theory about the nature of the universe Homestar and friends occupy. The whole set up is what a child believes adulthood to be like (take note of how Strong Bad sleeps in as much as he likes and still has an undefined job in some sort of an office). The toons are ways to peer into this world from a third-party perspective. The Strong Bad Emails are a small operation inside the homestar-verse for the benefit of those within it. That is to say, Strong Bad is an internet star inside the world of Homestar and Friends, which is why The Cheat can watch on his computer (or Strong Bad do the show from The Cheat's computer). In this context, we are not watching Strong Bad answer email for our benefit, but for those inside; we just get to watch, explaining why we can follow Strong Bad around when he leaves his computer. From this understanding, Fourth Wall Breaks are much rarer. Indeed some of those officially listed do not qualify.

[edit] Musings on Homsar

I posted this idea up on the wiki a long time ago, but got deleted during a server upgrade. I later re posted a similarly worded version that goes like this: You got it all wrong. Homsar is a jar of mayonase from the sixties that got left out next to the TV (hense the constant references to old shows) and witnessed the goings on of the kitchen (thus being raised by a cup of coffee). The mayo spoiled and some odd bacteria gegan to grow on it, eventualy evolving into a half-sentient being that can walk and talk, albeit strangely. Given a few centuries, he may hope to attain Homestar's level of inteligence.

Who says engineers are dull?

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