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Greetings, sir or madam. My name is WarthogDemon. As you can guess, I like Homestar Runner. How did I discover the site? Well...

Many years ago (around the year 2002) I was browsing flash cartoon sites. I forget which one of those sites linked to Homestar Runner, but it did. Not to a main page, but rather it linked straight to the old games. I glanced around but nothing caught my interest. I left and forgot about it for about 2 years. Then while on a cartoon proboard, I became friends with someone who loved the site and reintroduced me to it. He showed me The Cheat's character video and Strong Mad's character video. I decided to explore a little more of this website. I discovered the emails and watched several. I finally became a fan.


[edit] Firsts

First Of Anything I've Watched: The Cheat

First Email: I don't remember, but I do remember that the latest email (when I finally became a fan) had been old comics.

[edit] Articles I've Started

[edit] Screenshots I've Uploaded

[edit] What Others Say Of Me

Horrible Painting: That guy has serious problems.

Strong Bad: He's not even that cute!

Strong Sad: Ugh, I feel like I need a chemical shower after talking to that guy!

The Homestar Runner: That monster's gonna give me nightmares.

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