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[edit] The Man with the Huge Mouth

Hello, and welcome to the Wiki. We've notice that you've made a number of edits to Teen Girl Squad-related pages, in which you have renamed "The Man with the Huge Mouth" to "Spazo". I'd like you to explain your actions. To our collective knowledge (which is considerable), The Man with the Huge Mouth has yet to be given a name by TBC, and so this community as a whole has used "The Man with the Huge Mouth" to refer to him. We're quite happy with that name. The name "Spazo", to our knowledge, has never been used by TBC, and as such it has no place here on the Wiki. All characters without names are given names that are descriptive, e.g. Little Girl and Fat Man, not arbitrary names like "Spazo". If you have reason to believe that TBC themselves refer or have referred to The Man with the Huge Mouth as "Spazo", we'd be very interested to know, but until then don't make up names for characters. — InterruptorJones[[]]

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