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"Frank was one of the finest frigging soldiers I ever met!"

Frank Bennedetto is a popcorn machine who joined the Homestarmy. He suffered grave injuries during The Battle of Strong Badia, and his image has been used to advance the cause of the Homestarmy.

As a pseudocharacter, Bennedetto does not speak and rarely, if ever, moves of his own volition. Characters like Homestar Runner still treat him as a person, interpreting his popcorn-making as upchuck.

Bennedetto appears to be a vintage model of a Presto 04820 PopLite popcorn maker.


[edit] Military service

Real life Frank

Bennedetto was seen among the ranks of the Homestarmy in 2004, although he had not paid the customary five-bucks enlistment fee. Frank, unfortunately, was the lone casualty of The Battle of Strong Badia in the Strong Bad Email army — kicked by Strong Bad, a crashing sound was heard when he landed (albeit without any visible damage).

Although Homestar believed Bennedetto to have died, later toons have been ambiguous as to his status:

Bennedetto has additionally been featured in propaganda posters for the Homestarmy. A wallpaper featuring several Homestarmy posters includes one with several shadowy figures standing above his corpse, with the words "DON'T LET THEM!" written above.

The puppet version of Bennedetto is a Presto PopLite of the same variety the toon version is modeled after. Holding the rank of Third-Style Private, he joined Colonel Homestar Runner in an effort to ensure that "nobody or their brother does any type of work at all" on Labor Day.

[edit] Family

The popcorn popper was presumably taken from Marzipan, as Homestar returns to her kitchen to deliver the news of Frank's injuries to his mother, Mrs. Bennedetto (Marzipan's microwave).

Several more members of the Bennedetto family are seen on the draft board in Strong Badia the Free. Little Johnny (a toaster) and Ramon (a waffle maker) are said by Homestar to be brothers of Frank. Tom (a blender), Marty (a 4h pencil) and Hank "the Tank" (a refrigerator) are also present, relation unknown.

[edit] Complete Filmography

Neva Forget

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