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The Homestarmy wears orange Tupperware bowls as their uniform in battle, and their leader, Homestar Runner, wields an orange wooden spoon. According to the army DVD commentary, the bowl is based on a real object The Brothers Chaps had.


[edit] Wooden Spoon

"What if your girlfriend was a wooden spoon and...

The wooden spoon is mostly used by Homestar Runner as a pointer. It was shown in Labor Dabor as well, and Strong Mad also used it to eat pasta salad out of his underwear drawer. In Halloween Potion-ma-jig, the spoon appears in Bubs's collection of stirring utensils.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Orange Bowl orange plastic bowl? That'd be really weird, man. What kind of screwed-up kid are you?"

These orange bowls are worn as uniforms (most likely as helmets) in the Homestarmy, placed upon one's head.

[edit] Appearances

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