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*Email: (Almost every [[Strong Bad Email]], shown by [[The Paper]], [[New Paper]], or [[Compé-per]])
*Email: (Almost every [[Strong Bad Email]], shown by [[The Paper]], [[New Paper]], or [[Compé-per]])
*Email: strongbad@strongbadshouse.res ([[Strong Badia the Free]])
*Email: strongbad@strongbadshouse.res ([[Strong Badia the Free]])
*Phone: 555-DIRT (From a [[Business Cards|business card]] describing him as "your friendly neighborhood not-the-police")
===[[Strong Sad]]===
===[[Strong Sad]]===

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This article is about the contact information for Homestar Runner characters. For the contacts of the creators of the cartoon, see Email.
With the t-top down!

While few of them will actually work, many characters have "Contact information" in the form of an email address, an IM name, or a phone number.


List of Contact Information


Great Looking Girl

Homestar Runner

Subject: My Inbox Runneth Ova!

Oh, hello everyone! For some unknown reason I'm getting this big cavalcanche of emails all of the sudden. They're filling up the basement and I'm running out of paper towels!

Just sit tight and hremails will be back to normal before you know it.

And thanks again to everyone who participated in Bacon Pretend Week! Ron Staple you are a GENIUS!

Okay bye,
Homestar Runner
-------- Original Message --------

> Your original message

Larry Palaroncini (of Limozeen)


Pom Pom

Senor Cardgage

  • Work Phone: 555-55-55855-55-5-73667-6678-4243-86329 (given as 555-55-55855-55-5-SENOR-MORT-GAGE-TODAY in Senor Mortgage)

So and So

Strong Bad

Strong Sad

The Cheat

The King of Town

Coach Z

Thorax Corporation

  • Email: (Seen on the site)
  • Email: (Seen on the second old pop-up)

The Pizz


  • Work Phone: 1-800-276787646542 (given as 1-800-APOSTROHOLIC in unnatural)

Unidentified People

Where's An Egg?

Hairstyle Runner

  • Work Number: An image in the gallery's description is "1-800-call-kobak".

Fun Facts

  • Most of the phone, pager and beeper numbers use the prefix 555 to avoid putting real phone numbers on the site.
  • Marzipan may not actually have a screen name, as she claims she doesn't know what a screen name is in marzipan.
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