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Just hangin' out.

There was a poster sold in the Store at one point that featured Homestar Runner standing in the Field, and Strong Bad leaning in.


Homestar, Strong Bad and their surroundings have a stylized appearance in this poster:

  • General differences
    • The Field has little stubs of grass
    • There's no shadow from the bushes in the background
    • The bushes have no shading
    • Shading does not quite touch the characters' outlines
    • The characters have black outlines, and their edges are outlined in white
  • Homestar's differences
    • The back of his shirt has different shading
    • The front of his shirt has no shading
    • Legs have asymmetrical shading
    • The blue soles on his feet have no shading
  • Strong Bad's differences
    • Blue diamond has no shading on the left of it
    • Gloves have no window reflection
    • Eyes have no gradient
    • Black part of mask has no shading
    • Pants have no shading (although we can't see much of them)
    • Feet do not have white soles
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