Longrels, Hongrels, and Mongrels

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Thou wouldst strike Middlin

Longrels, Hongrels, and Mongrels are monsters from Thy Dungeonman II. They can be destroyed by Thy Dungeonman using a mop. However, each monster must be stricken in a different location for it to die: either low, high, or "middlin". The location corresponds to the first letter of the monster's name; Low for Longrel, High for Hongrel, and Middlin for Mongrel.


[edit] Information

In total, there are 2 Longrels, 3 Hongrels, and 7 Mongrels in the maze in Thy Dungeonman II. If one follows the path to the exit perfectly with no sidetracks, you will encounter 0 Longrels, 1 Hongrel, and 4 Mongrels. Killing a Longrel results in a gain of 1 point, killing a Hongrel results in a gain of 2 points, and killing a Mongrel results in a gain of 3 points. If you kill all of them on the entire map, you will gain 29 points, which is 29% of the total possible score of 100.

[edit] Relationship to Dongrel

It is generally assumed that Dongrels are related to Longrels, Hongrels, and Mongrels. Evidence that supports this theory includes:

  • Sharing the "-ongrel" part of their names.
  • They all appear in Thy Dungeonman II.
  • Dongrels are described as the "worst of them all". While it is unclear what exactly Dongrels are the worst of, it can be assumed that this refers to the other three monsters.
  • Killing a Dongrel is worth 10 points, which is more points than killing a Longrel, Hongrel, and Mongrel combined, which supports the above theory that a Dongrel is the worst and therefore most powerful of the monsters.

However, the relationship is impossible to conclusively prove or disprove (technically, it is impossible to even prove that Longrels, Hongrels, and Mongrels are related to each other). For example, while a Dongrel is clearly shown in Thy Dungeonman 3 (or at least the remains of one), Longrels, Hongrels, and Mongrels only appear in text form. Also, while Hongrels, Mongrels, and Longrels die when struck in a location that corresponds to the first letter of their name, a Dongrel dies simply after using the "use mop" command, which does not correspond at all to the first letter in its name.

[edit] Partial Map of Thy Dungeonman II

This map shows areas of the Thy Dungeonman II dungeon that feature Longrels, Hongrels, and Mongrels.

(M)          +————(M)    +————(L)
 |           |                 |
 |           |                 |          N
 +          (H)                +      NW  |  NE
 |                                      \ | /
 +                                   W —— C —— E
 |                                      / | \
 +————(M)         (H)                 SW  |  SE
 |     |           |                      S
(M)    +————(M)———Maze——(L)           Compass
For full map, see Thy Dungeonman II#Map


  • Maze — The beginning of the maze, and where you find the mop
  • Exit — The end of the maze
  • (L) — Longrel
  • (H) — Hongrel
  • (M) — Mongrel
  • (+) — Room

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Explanations

  • A mongrel is an animal or a plant resulting from various interbreedings, especially a dog of mixed or undetermined breed.
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