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I'm hate hushpuppies.

Pseudocharacters are items in the Homestar Runner universe that at some time or another are treated (and in some cases behave) as real characters. They variously talk, move, and interact with the main characters and the audience. Most pseudocharacters are totally depicted as inanimate objects except in a handful of appearances.


[edit] Characters and their abilities

Note: this is a partial list of items identified as Pseudocharacters. For a complete list see Category:Pseudocharacters.

[edit] Lappy 486

[edit] Compy 386

  • Email couch patch: Tells Strong Bad to "cut it out" when he is trying to print out a million dollar bill.
  • Email virus: Dies
  • Email cliffhangers: Helps the Tandy 400 kidnap the Lappy 486.
  • Email retirement:
    • "Speaks" with The Paper.
    • Dies again.

[edit] Tandy 400

  • Email gimmicks: Dies.
  • Email ghosts: Haunts Strong Bad in its "ghost" form.
  • Email cliffhangers: Helps the Compy 386 kidnap the Lappy 486.
  • Email retirement:
    • Controls a fishing rod with a magnet on the end that causes the Lappy to enter "Teal Screen of Near Death".
    • "Speaks" with The Paper.
    • Dies again.

[edit] The Paper

  • Responds to Strong Bad's commands.
  • Sick Day: Is able to get sick.
  • Email retirement:
    • Translates the wishes of the Compy 386 and the Tandy 400 for Strong Bad.
    • Tells Strong Bad he likes hush puppies.
  • Email the paper:
    • Can play sports.
    • Ties up Homestar Runner.
    • Redesigns himself as a goth or as a preppy paper.
    • Rescues Strong Bad from a deserted island.
    • Dies.
  • Email animal: The Paper is shown being "scared" of the Lappy at first.
  • Email email thunder:
    • Comes back from the grave to beat up New Paper.
    • Dies.

[edit] Frank Bennedetto

[edit] Wagon Fulla Pancakes

  • Email montage:
    • Falls in love with Strong Bad.
    • Is The Cheat's co-worker.
    • Trains for and defeats Homestar in the Champeenship.
    • Has a "spouse" and 2 children.

[edit] New Paper

[edit] Compé

[edit] F-Sack

  • All appearances
    • Is able to talk out loud.

[edit] See Also

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