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Toon Category: Skills of an Artist
watch Strong Sad's Severed Soolnds Cannonmouth
Toon Category: Video Stuff
Strong Sad's Severed Soolnds Cannonmouth
Ready to chew down on some tender jowls.

Strong Bad kicks off his live action Skills of an Artist series by drawing a sammich.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad

Date: Wednesday, July 12, 2017 (Twitter); Thursday, August 24, 2017 (YouTube)

Running Time: 1:54

Page Title: Oh dang! Pizzang!


[edit] Transcript

Actions Dialogue
Strong Bad's boxing glove holds a marker in front of a whiteboard that has been lined so as to look like notebook paper, and the music from the Trogdor-drawing scene in dragon plays throughout the video. As he says the title, it appears on the screen, with "Skills" in yellow, "Artist" in horizontal rainbow, and "of an" slowly fading in. Welcome back to another "Skills of an Artist"! Today, I'm gonna teach you guys how to draw... a sammich! {quickly} I make drawing fun!
He draws three sides of a rough parallelogram, omitting the top. He darkens his first line. {making sound effects as he draws} We start out with... a squishtangle. First we do the tangles...
He draws a curve closing off the top of the shape, making it look like a piece of sliced bread. {making sound effects as he draws} ...and then we give it the squish. Kinda looks like a chef's hat... moving rapidly this way... {moves his glove back and forth} Preeow!
He draws lines to make up the sides of the bread, giving it more depth. And now, to give it some depth, we add four shortened pizzangs.
He adds hatching lines across the sides of the bread. Aw, look at that. That piece of bread is jumpin' right off the page!
He thickens his lines. {sound effect}
He adds several dots to the top of the bread. And now, we add some dotties that are like the air bubbles from the leavening process... y'know what I'm sayin'?
He starts adding a spiky shape around the bread, resembling lettuce. Now for the toppings. First we do some lettuce... kinda looks like the bread is being electrocuted... {makes buzzing electrical noise}
He draws some loops around the edges of the bread. And now we'll put on the meats. We got some salami... some pastrami... and some seasoned fortulami... {gestures to the meats} Look at that. Spillin' all out on the sides...
He draws the outline of a very large pig's head below everything else. He draws a smile, crosses out the pig's eyes, and draws its tongue sticking out. And now for the main course, which is a severed pig's head. Here it comes. Oh, Oinkers! It had to be done... to make forth my sammich.
He draws a curly pig tail connected to the back of its head. And uh, you know. I like to reattach the tail... to the head. For dramatic effect. Okay, so, this is not very centered on the page...
He draws a quick bread slice beneath the head. Put the bottom slice of bread...
He draws a large oval just above the sammich, and starts crudely drawing his face in it. {gestures above the sandwich} And up here, it's gonna be me! I'unno. Somebody gotta eat this sammich. {making sound effects as he draws}
He adds a disproportionately large open mouth with teeth. He draws round boxing gloves around the sammich and fills in the mouth. Look at that hideous maw! Ready to chew down on some tender jowls. And that's how you draw a ham sammich.
He writes "THAT'S IT!!" next to his drawing. So... that's it! See you next time for more "Skills of an Artist"!

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • The Tweet text reads "No sbemail yet. But maybe an art lesson will tide you guys over!"
  • The YouTube description reads "The master of the foreshortened pizzang draws a ham sammy. Mmmm...seasoned fortulami."

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