The Dancing Brothers

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The Dancing Brothers
"Look at them go!"
Origins A Folky Tale
Genre(s) Funk
Members Glenn
The Killer Dynamo
Discography "Gonna Have A Good Time Tonight" (2005)

The Dancing Brothers wander the land of the Folk Tale World and dance to the song "Gonna Have a Good Time Tonight". Presumably siblings, their names left to right are Glenn, Martbell, and The Killer Dynamo. Seemingly at random, Coach Z attempts to insert them into the story of Saddy Dumpington in A Folky Tale. Before they dance, everyone present stands aside and a banner appears that reads "The Dancing Brothers". Their appearances are cut short by broken shoes and an allergy to foxes so severe that they sneeze themselves comatose.

The Dancing Brothers are drawn in a style reminiscent of that seen in Teen Girl Squad.

The member Martbell might be a reference to Marty Beller of They Might Be Giants.

All of the members look relatively the same with a circular head and two stick legs attached to shoes. However, The Killer Dynamo is the only member to be distinguished by striped shoes rather than the plain ones of the other two members. He's also the only member who smiles. Thus far Martbell only frowns while Glenn favors a neutral expression.

According to Mike Chapman on the DVD commentary for road trip, the band that sings their theme song might be called "The Power Surge". This was more-or-less confirmed in Trogdor Was A Man, with the spelling "The Pow-uh Surge" used in the song credits.

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