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I'm The Fort Wayne Locomotive. I've been watching Homestar since 2004. I joined this wiki in 2008.

I edit this wiki very rarely, but I try to be constructive when I do. I've always been impressed with this wiki's ability to document the many references H*R makes in its cartoons - both to itself, and to the outside world.

Some Facts About Myself

  • My favorite character is Coach Z, and my username comes from his rarely seen (and criminally underrated) Old-Timey self.
  • Like a lot of us, I was first introduced to Homestar Runner after learning about Trogdor from somewhere else on the Internet (Wikipedia, I think). Some of the first toons I watched were dragon, japanese cartoon and theme park.
  • This was the scroll button song the first time I accessed the site, and still one of my favorites!
  • I started watching new episodes of Homestar weekly (as opposed to just binging them whenever I could get the chance) around 2006 or 2007. I still have fond memories of coming home from middle school and high school on Mondays to watch the latest episode.
  • I also remember when the updates started slowly grinding to a halt in 2008 and '09, before disappearing for the mostly ceaseless radio silence we've had since then. Incidentally, that's also around the same time I started editing this wiki.
  • I've loved every toon we've gotten to hold us over since the hiatus, and I'm looking forward to the eventuality that H*R may one day return to being updated regularly. The Brothers Chaps have still got it!

Me Elsewhere

If you edit other wikis, you may know me as YellowYoshi398. Under this username, I am a semi-regular editor and former sysop at the Super Mario Wiki. Many of us MarioWikians love Homestar. Some other Mario Wiki users I know of who edit (or used to edit) this wiki include Salty and porplemontage, aka Steve - the founder and bureaucrat of the Mario Wiki, and the person who sent the email montage!

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