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I'm The Fort Wayne Locomotive. I've been watching Homestar since 2004. I joined this wiki in 2008.

I edit this wiki very rarely, but I try to be constructive when I do. I've always been impressed with this wiki's ability to document the many references H*R makes in its cartoons - both to itself, and to the outside world.

[edit] Some Facts About Myself

  • My favorite character is Coach Z, and my username comes from his rarely seen (and criminally underrated) Old-Timey self.
  • Like a lot of us, I was first introduced to Homestar Runner after learning about Trogdor from somewhere else on the Internet (Wikipedia, I think). Some of the first toons I watched were dragon, japanese cartoon and theme park.
  • This was the scroll button song the first time I accessed the site, and still one of my favorites!
  • I started watching new episodes of Homestar weekly (as opposed to just binging them whenever I could get the chance) around 2006 or 2007. I still have fond memories of coming home from middle school and high school on Mondays to watch the latest episode.
  • I also remember when the updates started slowly grinding to a halt in 2008 and '09, before disappearing for the mostly ceaseless radio silence we've had since then. Incidentally, that's also around the same time I started editing this wiki.
  • I've loved every toon we've gotten to hold us over since the hiatus, and I'm looking forward to the eventuality that H*R may one day return to being updated regularly. The Brothers Chaps have still got it!

[edit] Me Elsewhere

If you edit other wikis, you may know me as YellowYoshi398. Under this username, I am a semi-regular editor and former sysop at the Super Mario Wiki. Many of us MarioWikians love Homestar. Some other Mario Wiki users I know of who edit (or used to edit) this wiki include Salty and porplemontage, aka Steve - the founder and bureaucrat of the Mario Wiki, and the person who sent the email montage!

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