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Mike on the left, Matt on the right.

The Brothers Chaps (real-life siblings Mike and Matt Chapman) are the principal creators of the Homestar Runner body of work, as well as other projects. The brothers are Hoosiers who create the cartoons using Flash out of their office in Decatur, Georgia, just east of Atlanta. They are sometimes referred to by the abbreviation TBC.


[edit] History

As kids

In 1996, during the Olympics in Atlanta, Mike Chapman and his friend Craig Zobel created a children's book called "The Homestar Runner Enters the Strongest Man in the World Contest". They did this out of boredom and to satirize the poorly made children's books they saw at their local mall. After writing and drawing it, they copied about 15 books and gave them to some of their friends to read for fun.

In 1999, Mike started learning Macromedia Flash and decided to practice on some of the characters from the original book. His younger brother, Matt Chapman, performed the voices for the cartoons, and together, they launched a website to show their close friends their cartoons.

Word-of-mouth spread, and their website and characters became a smash hit. Since the website started, they have had several public appearances all over the country, including three appearances on G4techTV — twice on the show "Pulse", and once over webcam (with Puppet Homestar Runner) on "The Screen Savers".

[edit] Appearances in toons

The Brothers Chaps with their brother, Donnie.

[edit] Family

Looking spiffy in black and white

The Brothers Chaps' parents are Don and Harriet Chapman. Don, who passed away on April 15th, 2006, was a retired chief financial officer of an insurance firm. Mike and Matt also have three other siblings: Donnie, Karen, and Julie.

They are uncles to a child who is featured in several Puppet Stuff toons.

Mike is married to Melissa Palmer, and their first child is Very, Very Little Girl. Matt is married to Jackie Chapman, with whom he has two children. The birth of Matt and Jackie's first child, Ida, made it to the Main Page Messages.

Their Uncle Jim and Aunt Rosie appeared briefly in Making of Email 100.

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